Cabo to La Paz: Best Ways To Sightsee The Mexican Pacific Coast

From Cabo to La Paz, the Mexican Pacific Coast is one of the most beautiful sights one can experience.

Whether you’re an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast or you like more relaxing getaways like cruises, there is a way for everyone to enjoy Mexico’s natural beauty. 

In this article, we’ll look at the best ways to sightsee the Mexican Pacific Coast. Let’s get started!

Go on an Electric Bike Beach and Desert Adventure

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Cabo sightseeing doesn’t have to be restricted to hikes and cruises. If you enjoy a good bike ride, the Electric Bike and Desert Adventure is a great way to see the Mexican Pacific Coast!

You’ll get to hop on modern electric bikes with powerful motors that ensure a smooth ride through cactus-lined sandy trails. You’ll be met with the refreshing, cool ocean breeze and the beautiful backdrop that is Mexico’s desert wilderness and the Pacific Ocean. 

Apart from seeing the Mexican Pacific Coast, you’ll also get to watch the desert wildlife in their natural habitat—this only makes the experience that much more magical. 

At the end of the tour, you’ll find yourself at a charming ranch with an amazing panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Take a sip of some of the world’s best tequila during your margarita-making class and enjoy a delicious Mexican buffet lunch as you admire Mexico’s coastal beauty.

Ride a Camel Along Mexico’s Pacific Coast

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How does a camel ride along the desert and beside the Pacific Ocean sound?

Cabo Adventures’ Outback and Camel Ride Safari offers a unique way to experience the gorgeous Pacific Coast. You’ll start your adventure with a complimentary hotel pickup and air-conditioned van ride to the Tierra Sagrada Ranch. 

When you arrive, you’ll meet your hoofed friends and begin your journey through the Baja desert and along the refreshing Pacific Ocean. Don’t worry, we know how special this moment is, which is why you’ll also get the opportunity to stop and take pictures, after which you’ll take a relaxing nature walk. 

At the end of the adventure, you’ll get to recoup your energy with a traditional Mexican buffet lunch and mezcal and tequila tasting—the only thing almost as refreshing as an adventure along the Mexican Pacific Coast.

Ride a Jet Ski Along The Los Cabos Shoreline

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The Cabo San Lucas Jet Ski & Sightseeing adventure combines the thrill of riding a powerful, stable, and comfortable jet ski with the calming sights of the amazing Mexican Pacific Coast. 

Take in all the natural beauty as you cruise across Cabo’s Bay on a speedboat, passing Arch, Lover’s Beach, and Land’s End. After the speedboat ride, you’ll board your jet ski and follow expert guides on a journey through spectacular rock formations and get a peek at the most beautiful and luxurious residences and resorts in the Touristic Corridor.

After your exciting jet ski and Cabo sightseeing adventure, you’ll be treated to a decadent light lunch and an optional hotel drop-off.

Beauty and thrill come together for this adventure, and you don’t want to miss out. 

Take a Dive Into The Scenic Pacific Ocean

snorkel tour cabo

If you want a closer look at Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Cabo Adventures’ Diving Tour at Lands End & The Arch lets you explore some of the Pacific Ocean’s most spectacular underwater locations. 

While Land’s End is home to breathtaking vistas and beautiful beaches, the underwater gems you’ll find are just as incredible. Scuba dive around an amazing rock formation that extends above and below sea level known as “Neptune’s Finger.” 

You’ll also witness the Arch of Cabo San Lucas and get to see the abundant sea life that lives around Land’s End, including sea turtles, tropical fish, sea lions, and more!

This unique Cabo sightseeing experience is as safe as it is exhilarating, with Cabo Adventures being PADI Five Star Dive Center certified. You’ll be guided by local experts so that you can safely explore Mexico’s Pacific Coast. 

Enjoy a Sunset Cruise

sunset sailing in cabo

What do you get when you combine Mexico’s Pacific Coast with a picturesque sunset? Pure bliss.

A Cabo Sunset Cruise is the perfect way for you to enjoy the coastal sights while you relax on board a luxury, French-made sailboat and sip on a tall glass of sparkling wine. You’ll have the perfect backdrop to capture this memory.

A sunset cruise to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean also makes the perfect adventure for couples, honeymooners, and small groups, if you’re looking for inspiration. 

Take a Tour To Balandra

balandra beach tour

You can get another amazing La Paz sightseeing experience by taking a tour to Balandra!

Cabo Adventures offers an exclusive excursion to La Paz that lets you soak in beautiful beaches and hidden natural gems. You’ll begin your journey by cruising past the natural sea lion sanctuary of San Rafaelito, where you can watch these playful creatures in their native Mexican Pacific Coast habitat.

On your way to Balandra Beach, you’ll enjoy a light breakfast so that you’re ready and energized to take on activities like snorkeling in the pristine bay of Balandra. This adventure will leave you feeling peckish, so you’ll board a luxurious catamaran and enjoy a freshly prepared lunch featuring local flavors while you bask in the sun on the boat’s deck.

Did we mention there’s an unlimited national open bar? What better way to enjoy La Paz sightseeing than with a refreshing drink in hand? 

A Wide Selection of Tours, From Cabo to La Paz

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Make the most of your getaway with La Paz sightseeing and Cabo sightseeing opportunities through the amazing experiences here at Cabo Adventures!

Browse our selection of tours today and find the best way to see Mexico’s beautiful Pacific Coast!  

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