Cabo San Lucas Arch

The Land’s End Arch is by far, the most iconic landmark of Cabo and a must-see spot for any travelers and locals alike. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Pacific ocean and the Land’s End Arch emerging from its waters, just off the Mexican coastline, are the perfect backdrop for unforgettable sea adventures that offer luxury and tranquility - plus excitement and thrills for those who seek them.

We keep a fleet of French sailing yachts and speed boats at the ready, and there is always something magical happening on board (or just off) our vessels. We take pride in not only being one of Cabo’s premier sailing companies but also in creating tours to

The Land’s End Arch defined by attention to detail and unrivaled service.

Pick a tour, and you’ll learn about the Land’s End Arch history and legends, snorkel to around colorful fish and reefs, paddle in gorgeous waters, fly over the surface in an exciting Flyboard session and enjoy luxury living during your unforgettable day at sea.

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