Whale Watching Photo Safari

From December 15th through April 15th, the waters of Cabo San Lucas fill with magnificent humpback whales; creating perfect whale watching conditions - and our Whale Watching Photo Safari is Cabo's premier whale watching tour.

Whale Watching in Apex Boat

Boats Designed for Whale Watching 

Enjoy your whale watching tour in our comfortable, high-speed inflatable boats, the safest and most “whale friendly” boats available in Cabo. These provide guest with the best opportunity to witness and photograph these amazing mammals as they put on a show yards away.

Whale Breaching

Cabo's Best & Most Experienced Guides 

Our professional and enthusiastic whale experts provide the ultimate experience; teaching you all about the whales. You will even have the opportunity to listen to the whales communicate underwater with our hydrophone listening technology.

Whale Watching

Whales, Dolphins and More

There is no such thing as a “typical day” on a whale watching tour off of Cabo. The whales and dolphins are in charge as we join them in their world. We let them lead the way, and join them as they swim, play and put on a show.