Whale Shark Encounter

There are few experiences in the world that match swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea - especially when that fish is a shark!  But don't worry: these Whale Sharks are known as "gentle giants."  Give us a day and we'll take you out of Cabo to La Paz for an adventure of a lifetime.  

Experience Baja California Sur

We will cruise out of Cabo in our comfortable, air-conditioned vehicles and drive through the beautiful desert on a brand new highway to La Paz, the capital of the state of Baja California Sur. Upon arrival at our facilities, we'll get you ready for the swim of a lifetime.

Sea of Cortés

Our local boat captains will take you just off shore into the beautiful Sea of Cortés where the Whale Sharks gather during the winter.  Along the way, keep an eye out for other sea life, including whales, rays and dolphins that share the waters with the Whale Sharks.

Snorkeling with the Whale Sharks

Imagine being eye-to-eye with a Whale Shark as you snorkel inches away from these amazing creatures. From up-close, you will be in awe of their size, feeding techniques and gentle grace as you swim beside these spectacular animals in the clear ocean waters.

La Paz

After your visit with the Whale Sharks, head back to La Paz and relax on the city's Malecon (boardwalk) and indulge in a local lunch of "Baja-style" tacos and cold beverages. 

Don't Miss Out!

The Whale Sharks journey to the Sea of Cortes from August to May and this is a spectacle you don't want to miss. Since this time is also the peak season for Cabo and this tour has limited space, ensure your spot for this unique opportunity by pre-booking before your arrival.