Unique eco-friendly interactive experiences

At Cabo Adventures, sustainability, conservation, animal wellness and support to neighboring communities are some of our highest priorities. To uphold our conservation and sustainability efforts, we have incorporated unique and exciting eco-adventures at Ecofarm, a special area dedicated to interactive workshops in the Tierra Sagrada ranch.

When taking our tours Outback & Camel Safari, Cabo ATV tour Desert Adventure, Cabo UTV tour Off-Road Adventure, and Electric Bike Adventure you will have the opportunity to enjoy these environmentally friendly workshops!

Precious Plastic

Interactive plastic recycling plant

Introducing the first hands-on plastic recycling plant exclusive to Tierra Sagrada by Cabo Adventures! Here you will learn how plastic waste can be broken down and repurposed into beautiful and functional items.

interactive plastic recycling plant in cabo adventures

From tiny pieces of shredded plastic, you would be amazed by the endless possibilities of what it could turn into. It’s a fascinating process from start to finish and most importantly you will come to understand why recycling is so vital to a sustainable future.

recycling plastin process in cabo

Oh, Sheet!

Eco-friendly, tree-free, odorless camel dung paper

We have created a fun, ecological, and original alternative to wood-based paper by making paper products using something that we have plenty of: camel dung!

camel dung paper in cabo adventures

Oh, Sheet! is the first sustainable paper plant in the region and allows guests the opportunity to participate in the process. Learn more about how to turn waste into useful and colorful pieces of artisanal paper, and walk away proud of the difference you have made with a single sheet of paper.

eco-friendly paper made of camel dung in cabo


Chocolate-making hands-on process

Discover all the secrets behind delicious artisanal chocolate! Explore the fascinating and rich history of cacao, its origin, uses, and benefits.

artisanal chocolate preparation in cabo adventures

The journey that it has taken from the ancient Mexican culture to its current day form is truly impressive and captivating. Take part in the chocolate-making process from grinding the cacao seeds to then tasting the final product! We promise you, this will be a mouth-watering experience!

taste artisanal chocolate in cabo adventures

La Granjita

Petting zoo and rescue animal reserve

An exciting, fun, and educational experience for people of all ages where you’ll get to meet with the cutest farm rescued animals!

petting zoo at cabo adventures

Learn all about their mannerisms and ways of life, what they eat, and how they are cared for in this interactive and amusing encounter. You can expect to meet rescued dogs, donkeys, sheep, ponies, parrots, and chickens who all call Tierra Sagrada home and prepare to get up close and personal with your new friends.

rescued animal reserve in cabo adventures



Enjoy EcoFarm!

No matter if you came to Tierra Sagrada to ride a lovely camel, explore the Baja desert on a mountain bike or an electric bike, or discover the amazing surroundings driving an ATV or a powerful UTV, your tour includes a visit to EcoFarm. Don't miss out this perfect closure for a fun day in Cabo!