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Check out beautiful Rancho Tierra Sagrada near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Book a tour with Cabo Adventures for an exciting, exclusive adventure like no other.

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In an expansive, unpopulated, and pristine desert in Mexico lies Rancho Tierra Sagrada, meaning Sacred Land, a name given by its prior inhabitants for its unique energy. This untamed desert sits along the Pacific Ocean and covers over 80,000 square miles (860,000 ft²).


You can find the Tierra Sagrada Adventure Park approximately 40 km north of Cabo San Lucas, near the charming small towns of Cerritos and Todos Santos, and secluded from the crowded resorts, however you don’t need to rent a car or grab a taxi to get to Tierra Sagrada, because all of the awesome experiences offered by Cabo Adventures include round transportation from almost every hotel around.


The ranch is divided into multiple sections with exciting features for guests to enjoy during their visit. There is an impressive palapa with a café, gift shop, check-in area, and a restaurant with the capacity to accommodate 120 people. You can also find a professional photo center, separate areas for ATVs and UTVs, briefing areas, bathrooms, and a private parking lot.


Rancho Tierra Sagrada is home to a variety of beautiful flora and fauna and is even a nesting ground for some endangered species, including the leatherback sea turtle. There are also two large corrals filled with 19 camel residents, creating a sanctuary for the Dromedary and Bactrian camel families of Cabo Adventures.

Tierra Sagrada, Natural Adventure Park in Cabo

Cabo Adventures offers six different activities in Tierra Sagrada, creating opportunities for adventurers to see and explore the Baja beach and desert in their untouched natural beauty. You can choose from several nature-inspired tours loaded with exclusive educational ecological challenges and unforgettable experiences. Discover the Baja Outback on a Polaris RZR UTV or ride a mountain bike or electric bike along the pristine beach and desert trails lined with cacti. You can also try Tequila tasting or choose a nature walk where you’ll learn all about the native plants and animals in this unique region.

Outback & Camel Ride Safari 

Enjoy the picturesque scenery of Baja’s Beach and Desert as you ride atop a friendly camel. Feel comfortable, safe, and right at home with our expert tour guides during the ride, then enjoy the fresh ocean breeze from the Pacific during a fresh Mexican lunch and Tequila tasting. We’ll also make a stop for a unique photo of you getting a smooch from your camel companion. This tour also includes a hike through the tropical landscape and an authentic tortilla-making lesson from local experts.

Electric Mountain Bike Adventure

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Ride along soft sandy beaches on one of our easy-to-use electric bikes with wide wheels, designed for smooth navigation on both smooth and bumpy mountain trails. These electric bikes do the difficult work for you when the trails get tough, so you can focus on enjoying the stunning scenery of the cactus-lined trails and the sparkling Pacific Ocean. You can also choose to do the pedaling yourself if you’d like. After the bike ride, you will have an opportunity to learn how to make tequila margaritas and molcajete sauce, which you can enjoy on top of traditional, handmade quesadillas.

Mountain Bike Adventure

mountain bike tour near sayulita mexico

This ride through the desert landscape is great for both new and experienced mountain bike riders. You’ll get to learn about the incredible plants and animals in the area while enjoying the view of the vast Baja Peninsula. See Cordón cacti, flowering agave, and boojum trees, which can only be found here, and resemble a Dr. Seuss creation. Finish with a delicious meal and Tequila tasting after reaching the Pacific Ocean.

ATV Desert Adventure

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Join our expert guides on this mobile adventure as you ride a Polaris ATV through the desert and learn about the local history, geography, and culture. Safety is our top priority and you will be fully outfitted with a helmet and protective gear. We will finish our exciting ride at the Tierra Sagrada for a lunch of traditional sopes.

Cabo ATV Tour Off-Road Adventure

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See the breathtaking Baja wonders from a 4-seat Polaris RZR ATV. Drive off-road through canyon trails and diverse terrain like rocky and dusty desert roads. You’ll even get to splash through the wetlands with our guides who will help you get the most out of your ride as you travel at your own pace. Finish with sopes at a beachside bar and soak up the sunshine and fresh ocean air.

The Flight

skydive simulation tour near sayulita mexico

Our brand new indoor skydiving simulator is a unique experience you have to try to see how incredible it feels with the wind in your hair. Our instructors will show you how to fly in a safe environment for the thrill of a lifetime.

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