What is There to Do in Cabo San Lucas in December?

Are you considering a visit to Cabo in December? The weather is mild and sunny, perfect for a number of fun adventures. Here’s what to do in Cabo in December.

The sun setting behind the Arch of Cabo San Lucas

There is so much to do in Cabo San Lucas in December. Temperate days and cool evenings make Cabo San Lucas weather in December nearly perfect. December is a great time to get away, so here is some great information about the weather and some fabulous things you can do in Cabo San Lucas in December.

Cabo in December offers a variety of opportunities and activities, from warm ocean swimming and land adventures to up-close encounters with wildlife, including whale sharks and humpback whales. Let’s take a closer look at December weather in Cabo San Lucas and what there is to do there in the last month of the year.

Cabo San Lucas Weather in December

December travelers to Cabo can expect warm, sunny days and comfortable temperatures. Baja California’s rainy season hits in August and September, and it is the driest in April and May, with soaring temperatures from July to October. Once winter hits in Cabo, the temperatures “cool down” to a comfortable average of 68 degrees, with the water temperatures ranging from 72-75. The mild temperatures mean you can stay outside longer and enjoy the sunshine, making the winter months, including December, a popular season to visit Cabo.

What to do in Cabo San Lucas in December

Cabo in December is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. The weather in December in Cabo is mild enough so you can spend hours outside doing what you love, whether it’s relaxing at the beach, or enjoying some of the many Cabo Adventures available. Need some ideas of what to do on your trip to Cabo San Lucas in December? These activities are great to schedule for your December trip to Cabo:

Whale Shark Encounter

woman swimming with whale shark in cabo

Whale sharks are gentle giants, and swimming or snorkeling with them can be a majestic experience. Whale sharks swim close to the coast of Cabo San Lucas from October to April, making December the height of the season. Plan a whale shark encounter for a rare chance to see these beautiful creatures, plus other Baja California wildlife, up close. 

Humpback Whale Watching Safari

whale watching in cabo san lucas

Another wildlife encounter you cannot miss when visiting Cabo in December is a Humpback Whale Safari. These impressive marine mammals travel about 3,000 miles during a 10 to 12-month gestation period, and Cabo is the perfect place to witness their awe-inspiring enormity and grace up-close in their natural environment. Humpback Whales can reach sizes over 50 feet in length and weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, so you can imagine how unforgettable is to see them breaching out of the water and singing their melodic songs.

ATV Offroad Adventure

cabo vacationers on atv tour in cabo desert

Thanks to cooler temperatures, December is a great time to schedule an outdoor adventure in Cabo, such as an ATV tour. Explore the nearby desert landscapes without getting overheated.

Camel Tour 

cabo vacationers on camel ride next to ocean

Looking for a truly unique way to experience the Baja California beach and desert landscapes? A guided camel ride might be the tour for you and your family. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine while enjoying the natural beauty from a new perspective. 

Zipline Adventure

woman ziplining superman style in cabo

Take advantage of the sunshine and seek adventure. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar down a Cabo San Lucas zipline, and take in the region’s most breathtaking views as you enjoy a desertic hike out to the ziplines. 

Enjoy the Sunset

luxury sunset sailing in cabo

The sunsets in Cabo San Lucas are like no other. If you visit Cabo in December, it will be wonderful to sit on the beach, sipping your cocktail of choice, watching the warm sun go down. Chances are, back home it will be too cold to be out at night. Revel in the moment even more with a luxurious sunset sailboat cruise

Eat Tacos Baja

tacos baja

There are a lot of great gourmet dining options in Cabo —but there are also street tacos. While you’re spending your December in Cabo, eat up as many tacos as you can get your hands on. You’ve never really had tacos (or fresh guacamole!) if you haven’t had them in Mexico. You can find tacos sold on every street in Cabo; make sure to try seafood tacos for a local flavor, especially the famous Taco Baja, also known as Fish Tacos. 

Tacos Baja are named after the state where they come from and where Cabo is located: Baja California Sur. These are traditionally made with fried white fish fillets, shredded red cabbage, pico de gallo -onion, tomato, and cilantro- and drizzled with a Chipotle creamy sauce, although you can find other yummy variations. 

Street tacos are a great way to grab a cheap and delicious lunch on the way to your next adventure.


Weather In Cabo In December Is for Festivals, Feasting, and Fun

There are so many amazing Cabo Adventures to be had! During December, you can enjoy the Christmas Nautical Festival at Marina San Lucas. As always, Cabo San Lucas in December as a great time to enjoy the local cuisine, like fresh seafood and Tacos Baja.

There is never-ending fun in Cabo San Lucas in December. Swimming with dolphins, riding a camel, scuba diving, snorkelingziplining, and so much more!

Cabo in December

The winter months in Cabo are warm and beautiful, making a great escape from your day-to-day life—especially if you live in a place that gets cold and snowy in the wintertime. There are endless adventures to find year-round in Cabo, and especially in December. Again, there’s no wrong time to visit Cabo; it all depends on what kind of Cabo experience you want to have. If you choose December, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for adventure.

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