Top Museums to Visit in Cabo

Cabo is home to a variety of fascinating local museums. Learn which museums you should add to your itinerary for your next trip to Cabo today.

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Cabo is renowned for its golden beaches and fabulous marine life, but did you know that the area is also home to a variety of fascinating local museums, showcasing everything from fossils to ancient artifacts? At Cabo Adventures, we love to share the beauty and history of our home with visitors, so make sure you add these exhibits to your itinerary on your next trip to Cabo.

Museo de Cabo San Lucas

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This natural history museum has a vast collection of fascinating finds, including the fossils of marine mammals, birds, and reptiles from bygone eras. Its seven departments each cover a different scientific area of interest, such as astronomy, biology, geology, paleontology, and anthropology. The archeology area is home to the skeleton of a Pericu woman—an ethnic group that once inhabited Baja California and is now extinct—and the biodiversity section promotes projects to preserve local sea turtle populations.

There’s also a section devoted to local history where you can view tools used by historical sailors and learn more about Cabo’s rich past.

The Whale Museum (La Paz)

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As you’d expect, this museum focuses on whales, where you’ll learn everything there is to know about these amazing marine mammals. Explore the history of whale migration in the area and view the impressive 12-meter-long whale skeleton they have on display! You’ll leave with a new appreciation for the incredible marine ecosystem that makes its home in Cabo’s beautiful blue waters.

Regional Anthropology and History Museum (La Paz)

Immerse yourself in Baja California’s unique history, from pre-Columbian times to the beginning of the twentieth century. Divided into four distinct areas, this museum offers a glimpse at the area’s vast and fascinating past, housing everything from fossils that point to its prehistoric origins to ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years. The museum offers guided tours, a library, and a gift shop so you can take a little bit of history home with you.

Regional Museum of Telecommunications (La Paz)

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Take a peek at this display of more than fifty antique telecommunications devices, located at the site where the first telegraphic communication in Mexico occurred in 1851! Learn about the historical development of radio, telephony, television, and satellite communications. You’ll also find the biographies of important media scientists like Thomas Alba Edison and Samuel Morse. This unique exhibit puts into perspective the ingenuity that went into creating foundations for the modern devices we often take for granted. You’ll certainly feel thankful for how much simpler it is to communicate today!

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