Top Snorkeling Locations in Cabo

Cabo is a world-renowned snorkeling destination

top snorkeling locations in Cabo

Thanks to its crystal clear waters and diverse flora and sea creatures, Cabo is a world-renowned snorkeling destination where you’ll discover top snorkeling and scuba diving locations to explore. Whether you are a beginner diver or an advanced underwater aficionado, our Cabo Adventures’ tour guides will treat you to a wide variety of marine experiences you will never forget.

Explore some of the top snorkeling locations and underwater adventures available, so you can choose where to splash around during your visit to one of Mexico’s best-loved luxury locations.

Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition

Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition

This journey will take you from sand to sea as you travel from the desert to the alluring Sea of Cortez to join a local boat captain who will take your group to the best snorkeling locations in the area. Pulmo Bay is home to a living reef that is approximately 20,000 years old, giving life and protection to a wide variety of flora and fauna that create an elaborate, exotic underwater excursion for divers of all experience levels.

During this snorkeling tour, you will get to explore Cabo Pulmo National park and snorkel amongst countless colorful sea creatures. As one of only three living coral reefs in North America, this dive will certainly have you wide-eyed as you take in the true complexity of the deep blue sea.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving in Cabo

PADI scuba diving in Cabo

With an average dive depth of 40 feet, Pelican Rock and the North Wall create a great underwater atmosphere for beginner and advanced scuba divers. Our certified dive instructors will orient you in shallow water before you set off and then you can dive down to meet the schools of fish and vibrant coral where seahorses, eels, rays and many fish make their home.

The water here is so clear, you will have visibility up to 100 feet and find the warm water allows you to keep exploring under the sun, until you get your fill of the PADI Five Star Dive Center’s favorite scuba and snorkeling locations.

Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Adventure

snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez

Known as the “Aquarium of the World,” the Sea of Cortez is a snorkeler and scuba diver’s dream. This World Heritage Site and Biosphere reserve boasts extraordinary beauty and diversity. From sea lions through to manta rays and whales, you will get to unleash your inner mermaid as you flipper through the crystal blue water.

While preparing to engage with this underwater playground and afterwards when you need a little break, you will get to stretch out on our luxury yacht, sip on the open bar and take in the sandy white beaches as you sail past. Don’t forget about visiting the beach paradise, Isa Partida where you can rejuvenate and reflect on just how exceptional Cabo’s scuba diving experiences are.

Snorkel your days away in Cabo

best spots for snorkeling in Cabo

Choose from each of the three snorkeling locations listed above or take a new trip each day to see how the watery landscapes, beaches and underwater creatures differ from shore to shore. Regardless of where you choose to dive, our Cabo Adventures’ tour guides will keep you safe, well-informed of the exotic aspects of your trips and totally relaxed as you sail, swim and snorkel under the bright sun within the deep blues.

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