Best Ways To Experience Cabo’s Ocean Without Getting Wet

If you’re not much of a water person, there are plenty of other things to do in Cabo other than swim.

While Mexico is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, you don’t have to get into the crystal clear waters to enjoy Cabo’s natural beauty. In this article, we’ll guide you through a selection of adventures you can go on that don’t require you to get wet — at least not too much. 

From cruises and whale watching to more land-focused activities like ATV tours, here are the best non-water-based things to do in Cabo. 

Go On A Sunset Cruise

cabo sunset sailing

While you’ll technically be on the ocean, going on a cruise is a great way to enjoy Cabo’s waters without getting wet. But you don’t want just any cruise; Cabo Adventure’s Cabo Sunset Cruise is perhaps one of the most unique ways to experience Mexico’s nautical wonders. 

This cruise will take you through the iconic Arch Of Cabo San Lucas while you enjoy the breathtaking sunset as your backdrop. Separating you from getting wet is a fully-equipped, French-made sailboat that will ensure as smooth a ride as possible while you kick back and enjoy Cabo’s ocean. 

A drink in hand and a sunset worth remembering is the best way to get a feel for the coastal life without needing to dive in. 

Go Whale Watching

whale watching

When looking for non-water-based things to do in Cabo, you might leave whale watching off your list initially, but that shouldn’t be the case. 

You don’t have to take a step into the ocean to experience these beautiful and gigantic creatures — just make your way to the tip of the Baja California Peninsula for the Whale Watching In Cabo Tour and you’re in for an experience of a lifetime. 

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places in the world for whale watching, particularly because the waters surrounding Cabo are the perfect breeding and migratory stops for these gentle giants. This tour not only allows you to watch the creatures, but expert guides will help you get as close as possible while staying respectful to the whales and capturing the moment in photos.

When it comes to the best things to do in Cabo other than swim, you don’t want to miss out on whale watching. 

Fun From Land To Sky With A UTV And Zipline Adventure


The first two tours we mentioned still involve water to some extent, so if that’s something that may keep you from enjoying Cabo, there are other adventures available to you.

The Outdoor Zipline and UTV Adventure Combo Tour from Cabo Adventures takes you from dry land to the skies for an adrenaline-filled adventure where the only water you’ll get is from your water bottle. 

You’ll enjoy a nice, air-conditioned ride to Boca de la Sierra Natural Reserve, where you’ll dawn professional safety gear for a safe and exhilarating zipline adventure over Cabo’s amazing canyons.

Upon rappelling down the canyon walls, crossing the commando bridge, and making your way back to camp, you’ll take to the trails with UTV off-roading and enjoy a meal of delicious, hand-made quesadillas to end the day. 

You might be wondering how this adventure lets you enjoy Cabo’s oceans without getting wet; you’ll more than likely get to watch the ocean as you pass by en route to your adventure, and sometimes, that’s all you need.

Experience Cabo’s Camel Rides

cabo camel rides on the beach

Cabo’s ocean serves as a backdrop during this adventure, letting you admire its beauty without feeling a drop. 

If you’re looking for the best non-water-based things to do in Cabo, you can’t go wrong with Cabo Adventure’s Outback And Camel Ride Safari Tour. Like most Cabo Adventures tours, you’ll enjoy an air-conditioned ride from your hotel to the Tierra Sagrada Ranch. 

When you get to the ranch, you’ll meet your camel, a magnificent creature that will take you on a 20-minute adventure along the desert and beside the Pacific Ocean. You’ll also get to take pictures with your camel, and then return to your ride.

At the end of the ride, you’ll be treated to a traditional Mexican buffet lunch and experience a mezcal and tequila tasting.   

But this tour gets even better. 

Make It A Combo: Camels, ATVs, and Lunch

off roading in cabo

If you’re dedicated to experiencing the best non-water-based things to do in Cabo, you can wrap the best land activities into one tour

Cabo Adventures lets you enjoy the Baja Outback in all of its glory, starting with a UTV ride through the mountains and rustic back roads of Baja California Sur. After, you’ll share a magical ride along the coast with a camel. 

This combo tour is the best way to experience the best of both worlds, but it isn’t the only option you have when it comes to the best things to do in Cabo other than swim.

A Bite By The Beach

cabo restaurants

You can’t take a trip to Mexico without enjoying the cuisine.

Aside from these amazing tours, one of the best ways to experience the ocean without getting wet is by having a bite at one of the many beachside restaurants in Cabo. From fine dining restaurants to more casual ones, there are plenty of options when it comes to enjoying the ocean view over a delicious meal.

Some popular restaurants include: 

  • Tabasco Beach Restaurant & Bar

  • The Sand Bar

  • Sur Cabo

  • Baja Brewing Company 

  • Rooftop 360 At Corazón Cabo

  • Hacienda Cocina Y Cantina 

Land Your Dream Trip To Cabo Today

Mexico is known for its amazing resorts and beaches, which makes most people think of swimming and other water activities, but there are more things to do in Cabo other than swimming in oceans and pools. 

Cabo Adventures offers a multitude of fun tours and activities that will keep you dry. Book a tour today and feel free to reach out if you have any questions before you embark on your next trip to this Mexican paradise. 

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