Top 5 Senior Activities in Cabo

Cabo’s stunning coastal landscapes and vibrant culture offer various activities tailored for senior travel.

These activities blend relaxation and exploration seamlessly, ensuring an unforgettable experience for those seeking enriching adventures at a slower pace.

From leisurely oceanfront strolls along the golden sands to immersing yourself in the artistic charm of San Jose del Cabo's Historic District, Cabo is home to some of the richest experiences in all of Mexico.

If you are a senior searching for fun things to do in Puerto Vallarta keep reading as we look at a list of the top five senior activities you can’t pass up on your next visit to Cabo.

5. Dolphin Encounters

dolphins cabo

Immerse yourself in enchanting encounters with intelligent and playful marine creatures at a specialized facility nestled within Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Seniors seeking both awe-inspiring moments and a deeper connection with nature will find this experience to be truly heartwarming.

Under the guidance of knowledgeable marine experts, you'll have the unique opportunity to observe these majestic dolphins up close, marveling at their agility and intelligence. Specially designed interactive programs cater to varying mobility levels, ensuring that everyone, from children to seniors, can partake in this extraordinary experience.

For the ultimate dolphin encounter in Cabo, consider joining the Dolphin Family Encounter Tour, where you can spend quality time with well-cared-for Pacific bottlenose dolphins within a controlled and safe environment.

Your experienced instructors will offer detailed insights into the distinctive behaviors, intriguing anatomy, social dynamics, and historical interaction between Pacific bottlenose dolphins and humans, enhancing the richness of your encounter.

4. Embark on a Luxury Whale Watching 

senior's activities whale watching

Setting a new standard in senior activities, the luxury whale-watching experience unfolds against the backdrop of Cabo's stunning coastal panoramas and offers an array of indulgent amenities to complement this amazing natural spectacle.

The Luxury Whale Watching in Cabo Tour is the perfect way for seniors to enjoy the company of these gracious creatures on board a luxurious, double-decker catamaran for comfort. Additionally, you’ll have access to amazing appetizers and drinks to stay refreshed and nourished while on this adventure. 

Whether you're an avid marine enthusiast or a casual observer, this guided experience ensures a deeper understanding and appreciation of these gentle giants.

The humpback whale watching season in Cabo begins on December 15th and goes through April 15th each year.

3. Stroll through Todos Santos 

todos santos

Nestled at the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and graced by the Pacific Ocean's gentle waves, Todos Santos offers an enchanting escape for those seeking an authentic and tranquil Baja California Sur experience. 

Renowned for its colonial charm, artistic spirit, and captivating natural beauty, Todos Santos gives travelers the chance to experience one of Mexico’s most unique destinations that many visiting miss out on.

The Magical Todos Santos & Camel Ranch Tour from Cabo Adventures is the best way to explore Todos Santos for the first time. 

Embark on your journey, beginning with a visit to a charming jewelry store to discover the world of pearl farming. Stroll through vibrant cobblestone streets, explore an iconic church, and enjoy an eclectic boutique.


todos santos tour

You’ll visit Todos Santos galleries, the Pescadero town factory, and the iconic Hotel California for pictures and souvenirs. The tour ends at Tierra Sagrada Ranch, where friendly camels await photo sessions, offering a picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean and an opportunity to savor Mexican spirits. 

This curated experience ensures a perfect blend of culture, leisure, and memorable moments for senior guests.

2. Explore San Jose del Cabo

cabo arch tour

Discover the charm of Los Cabos with a tailored journey designed to delight seniors. 

Begin with a serene boat ride to the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas, offering up-close views against the picturesque Pacific Ocean backdrop. Then head to explore a glass factory where seniors can witness the art of blown glass, known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs.

glass blowing in cabo

Transitioning to San Jose del Cabo, seniors will appreciate the cultural richness of this hidden gem within Los Cabos. The city center, with its art galleries, colonial buildings, and live music, creates an authentic and charming ambiance.

Gain insights into pearl farming in downtown San Jose, appreciating the meticulous process behind these treasures. Enjoy leisurely shopping in this charming area.

Cap off the day with an authentic Mexican lunch featuring handmade tortillas and a tequila-tasting experience. Los Cabos Arch & City Tour is a fantastic Cabo senior travel option, offering a blend of relaxation and exploration. 

It provides a deeper understanding of the legends and history that shape the character of this remarkable region.

1. Camel Safari 

cabo camel ride

Senior tours are about more than just leisurely walks in Mexico’s beautiful towns. The Outback and Camel Ride Safari Tour puts a unique spin on your trip to Cabo. 

Embark on a leisurely adventure with our outback and camel ride safari tour through the Baja desert. Your day begins with a complimentary hotel pickup in our comfortable air-conditioned vans, ensuring a relaxed journey to our Tierra Sagrada ranch. 

When you arrive, you’ll meet your gentle camel for a leisurely ride, experiencing the beauty of the desert and Pacific Ocean. Pause for a photo opportunity with your camel and capture a truly once-in-a-lifetime moment before our expert guides lead an educational nature walk, unveiling the richness of Baja's culture and information on the local flora that makes the area unique. 

Conclude the tour with a traditional Mexican buffet lunch and a delightful mezcal and tequila tasting. 

This exceptional tour is crafted for seniors who wish to savor the diverse offerings of Cabo San Lucas, providing a perfect blend of adventure, nature, and culinary delights.

Explore All Cabo Has To Offer

Senior activities in Cabo range from adventures at sea to visits to cultural experiences in Cabo’s many towns. If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful country of Mexico, make sure to add these tours and more to your itinerary. 

These tours are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning a relaxing and unforgettable trip to Cabo.

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