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Look beyond the beach and resorts with Cabo zip line and Cabo ATV tours. These excursions offer thrilling adventures with scenic Baja California backdrops.

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If you are headed to a Cabo vacation, you’re probably looking forward to sparkling ocean water, laying out at the beach, and boating adventures. Cabo is an amazing place for a beach vacation—but did you know that there are plenty of outdoor adventures inland, too?

Cabo zip line and Cabo ATV tours are among the best in the world. Let’s take a look at what’s included in the Cabo Zip Line Outdoor Adventure and ATV Desert Adventure tours, and what they have to offer during your Cabo vacation.

Cabo Zip Line Outdoor Adventure

Ready to add some true adventure to your stay in Cabo? The Cabo Zip Line Outdoor Adventure tour offers both fun and some of the area’s most breathtaking views. The best part of this tour is that it takes you through a UNESCO protected biosphere—that means you get to glimpse views of pristine, untouched land as the backdrop to an amazing adventure.

The Cabo Outdoor Adventure is led by expert guides and includes an exhilarating series of zip lines, a hike through the desert, an exciting rappel down a rock wall, a Polaris UTV off-roading excursion and the latest addition: a swing that will get you fly over a deep canyon, perfect for the ultimate Instagram shot. It is the dream activity for people who are in good physical shape and willing to get their hands dirty while exploring the great outdoors.

Cabo Fastest Zip Line

This is a day-long adventure that includes more than a simple zip line ride. Your Cabo Outdoor Adventure will have you traversing the canyon on a series of zip lines including the Superman, Mexico’s longest and fastest line. You’ll travel at 100 kph (60 mph) over 4,000 feet long (1,200 meters), all alongside the most beautiful tropical scenery Cabo has to offer.

Cabo Rappelling, Jumping & Morewoman repelling in cabo mexico

In addition to zip lining, this tour will have you rappelling from sheer rock walls, walking the commando bridge, zip lining tandem and upside down, and defying your fears by jumping high over the canyon in a free-fall pendulum jump. You’ll also get to go off-roading on your very own Polaris UTV. With the exhilarating, breathtaking rush this tour offers, complete with a beautiful tropical backdrop, this will be an adventure to remember.

Cabo Highest Swing

The latest attraction included in the Cabo Outdoor Adventure is The Swing. Built on a rocky cliff and suspended by long ropes, it will have you swaying 300 ft. high over the breathtaking San Bernardo Canyon. The experience is completely safe, since you will be perfectly secured with a harness and will bring back fun memories of your younger years.

woman swinging on cabo adventures highest outdoor swing

If you are visiting Cabo, the Outdoor Adventure is so much more than just a zip line tour and the best way to quench your adrenaline thirst.

Cabo ATV Tours

Travelers will also love the ATV Desert Adventure and Cabo ATV tour Off-road Adventure. Both are half-day tips that take you out to explore the Baja desert on your very own Polaris ATV. The scenery on these trips offers some beautiful variety to complement your time at the beach and in the tropical jungles.

Baja California features natural wonders, diverse terrain, and breathtaking scenery, and the best way to enjoy it is at your own pace while riding an ATV. On your Cabo ATV tours, you will drive through beautiful canyon trails along the rocky and dusty roads of the Baja outback. You’ll start by driving over rocky terrain while enjoying breathtaking views. Next, you’ll zoom through the Baja wetlands for a chance to cool down in the water.

See Cabo’s Amazing Flora & FaunaATV's driving through Cabo desert

The brand-new Polaris ATV vehicles have been designed specifically for this rough terrain, offering you a safe and comfortable ride combined with the excitement of a rugged off-road adventure. The Cabo ATV tour off-road adventure offers four-seater ATVs great for friends and family to enjoy the adventure together. You’ll be able to explore at your own pace, whether that’s a leisurely cruise or speeding through the desert and testing your limits.

Along with the thrill of driving your ATV and exploring the area, Cabo ATV tours are led by expert guides who know the area. They offer an educational experience and will teach you about the local flora and fauna of this unique landscape as well as local customs and culture. The guides know the area inside and out and will show guests the best stops and views throughout the Baja canyons and wetlands. The beautiful natural wonders of Baja California are within reach on an ATV tour.

Adventure in Cabo

These Cabo adventure trips are perfect for groups of friends and family, or simply anyone looking for a great way to experience the best that Cabo has to offer away from the beach and resorts. Safety is our top priority, with each tour offering the gear, training, and expert advice you need to safely enjoy your adventure.

What are you waiting for? For a trip to remember, book your Cabo zip line and ATV adventure today.

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