Best Places For A Romantic Date In Cabo

Cabo, Mexico, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, indulgent restaurants, and one-of-a-kind experiences perfect for sharing with that special someone.

If you and your lover are planning your next adventure, it may be helpful to know about the best places for a date in Cabo.

From the sun-kissed beaches to romantic evenings admiring the culture, we’ve curated a list of romantic places in Cabo and experiences that are sure to leave you breathless. 

Camel Rides Through The Baja Desert Sunset

cabo camel rides

Horseback riding is romantic, but when was the last time you celebrated your love in a unique way? Nestled in the Baja Desert and shrouded by the beautiful sunset lies one of Cabo’s most magical experiences — the Outback and Camel Ride Safari from Cabo Adventures. 

You’ll find yourself on a date that’ll become a story of love and adventure in the years to come. 

This 3-hour journey through the Baja outback begins at the Tierra Sagrada Ranch, where you’ll meet the friendly camels that’ll act as your guide for this romantic evening. Our professional photographers will capture this moment in eternity.

And of course, no romantic evening is complete without a nice dinner. Feast on a little bit of everything with a traditional Mexican Buffet and Mezcal and tequila tasting. 

Cheers to many more wonderful dates like this!

Luxury Sunset Sailing Through The Sea of Cortéz

couples sailing

Feel the memories from your first date come flooding back when you take to the seas for a romantic sunset cruise across the Cabo waters. Set sail with the most special person when you book the Cabo Luxury Sunset Sailing Tour!

There’s no more romantic place than a luxury, fully-equipped, French-made sailboat. This vessel will transport you and your lover through the Sea of Cortéz for an evening of relaxation, adventure, and reconnection. 

You’ll visit some of the most iconic locations in Los Cabos, Mexico, with drinks in hand and ready to capture your adventure through heart-shaped eyes and a camera lens. See sights like the famous Sea Lion Colony and the spectacular Cabo coastline as they make a beautiful backdrop for your experience. 

Boca de la Sierra Natural Reserve Adventures

cabo zip line

Spice things up or keep the romance going if you’re an adventurous couple. The Outdoor Zipline and UTV Adventure Tour is the perfect way to add a balance of relaxation and adventure to your romantic getaway!

Soar through canyons with your loved one on a series of ziplines that’ll have your heart racing almost as fast as it was on your first date. You’ll relive the excitement of those first interactions with your sweetheart as you propel down the canyon and make your way back to camp together to finish off the perfect evening with a UTV off-roading ride and indulge in delicious, hand-made quesadillas. 

This experience is one you won’t forget, and one you’ll retell on anniversary dinners for years to come. 

Explore Art in San Jose

There’s nothing quite as intimate as art, and naturally, sharing in that experience with someone you care about. One of the most romantic places in Cabo is the Art Walk, an experience that showcases Cabo’s most talented artists and artisans.

Hand in hand with the love of your life, you’ll set your eyes on some of the most culturally rich art pieces Mexico has to offer, no doubt finding pieces that remind you of one another. You can find this exhibit open on Thursday evenings between November and June. 

When it’s time to wind down, treat yourself to an evening of live jazz while you sip on drinks and eat delicious meals at one of the many mouth-watering restaurants and bars in the area. 

Food and Drinks Nearby:

  • La Dolce Restaurant - Step into a world of culinary enchantment, nestled within a historical gem right next to the charming church on the town square in San Jose del Cabo. Welcome to La Dolce, where authenticity meets passion and taste buds dance with joy.

  • Jazmins Restaurant - Indulge in a menu of traditional Mexican dishes, prepared with love and care using only the finest ingredients. From sizzling fajitas to mouthwatering tacos, each bite showcases the rich culinary heritage of Mexico.

  • Baja Brewing Restaurant - Discover the essence of craft beer and delectable pub fare at Baja Brewing Company, the pioneer micro-brewery in Los Cabos. Nestled in the heart of the Art District, our vibrant beer garden sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Bask in Relaxation at Cabo’s Baja Peninsula

Relaxation is one of the best parts of a trip. The time to recharge and take care of yourselves is just as important as the time spent together on some of life’s greatest adventures, and Cabo is a place unlike any other that offers a serene level of relaxation.

Treat yourselves to one-of-a-kind luxury when you and your lover visit Cabo’s Baja Peninsula. Nothing screams romance like a couples massage and world-class personalized spa treatments, especially ones you’ve yet to experience.

Are you ready for a new era of feel-good treatments? 

Experience The Temazcal 

The Temazcal, an age-old steam lodge, weaves a tale of romance and renewal, harnessing the elemental forces of earth, fire, water, and air to harmonize the body, soul, and heart. As you step into the dimly lit chamber, the enveloping aroma envelops you, setting the stage for an intimate steam bath that awakens not only your senses but also a profound connection. 

The tender embrace of the fragrant steam invites a profound relaxation, coaxing improved circulation, and a gentle awakening of the heart's desires, making it a harmonious journey for two souls seeking to rekindle the flames of love.

You can experience this age-old traditional spa technique at luxury hotels like Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, ME Cabo, Hacienda Encantada Resort & Spa, and Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime, Together

cabo couples things to do

The best places for a date in Cabo are the ones where you’re together. 

That being said if you want to pull out all the stops for your lover, check out these romantic places in Cabo and explore even more tours that will make your getaway that much more special. 

We hope this list has helped you and your special someone put together an amazing plan for the romantic getaway of a lifetime, and we can’t wait to see what experiences you enjoy together.

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