The Zones of Los Cabos

Los Cabos offers 3 unique zones that are home to a variety of different landmarks and activities.

Map of the the Zones in Los Cabos

When you visit Los Cabos, you will have the pleasure and privilege of exploring zones that are home to a variety of ecological and cultural landmarks and activities. Learn about each of the unique zones within the Los Cabos area and begin building your dream vacation itinerary with Cabo Adventures. Our tours will empower you to see the very best of each Los Cabos zone alongside our knowledge and expertly equipped tour guides.

The Corridor Zone

Birds-eye-view of a beach in the Corridor Zone of Los Cabos

Welcome to Cabo San Lucas’s 20-mile Tourist Corridor where natural beauty meets impressive – and progressive - modern development. Here you will find gorgeously long stretches of white sandy beaches and an alluring sea alongside countless world-renowned resorts and restaurants that are sought after by even Hollywood’s most elite. The upscale amenities of the Corridor Zone do not end with wining, dining and shopping. Bring your clubs with you and play on more than a dozen championship oceanfront courses. Don’t forget about whale watching alongside this Corridor’s spectacular coastline – regardless of which direction you are looking in, this area of Los Cabos will delight!

Cabo San Lucas Zone

Birds-eye-view beach & resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Land- and sea-lovers unite with the Cabo San Lucas Zone where you can spend all day out on the water and all night in one of the area’s most exclusive restaurants or clubs. Celebrated for its diverse sea life, the Cabo San Lucas Zone is a must-visit destination for sport fishermen as much as it is the perfect spot for nightlife aficionados. Relax on Médano Beach or ride the waves in a fishing boat or on your surfboard. Afterward, unwind with a coffee, mezcal and a traditional plate along the bustling boardwalk of beach bars.

San José del Cabo Zone

Street in the San José del Cabo Zone

The San José del Cabo Zone is located just 10 minutes from the international airport, making it a wonderful tourist destination that is as architecturally stunning as it is convenient. Dripping with jaw-dropping colonial buildings, mouth-watering food and beautiful folk art, San José del Cabo Zone is an exciting place to explore, regardless of what you are looking for. As lively during the day as it is when the sun goes down, this zone appeals to tourists who want to delve into traditional Mexican culture.

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Experience every side of Cabo San Lucas by joining Cabo Adventures for one – or many – of our award-winning tours. By boat, car, and ATV, we will take you to the hot spots and the best-kept secrets of Los Cabos to ensure you get to enjoy a well-rounded, meaningful version of our incredible landscape and all its best qualities. Book your Cabo Adventures tour today and let’s discover Los Cabos together. 

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