The Los Cabos Corridor

If you have not yet discovered the scenic strip known as the Los Cabos Corridor, which connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, you are in for a treat.

While both of these cities definitely have a different vibe, within the Los Cabos Corridor, you will get to sample the best of both worlds – including vibrant dining options, shopping and beautiful natural attractions.

Things to do in The Los Cabos Corridor

What is the Los Cabos Corridor?

Known as “El Corredor” by the locals, this coastal strip boasts a variety of unique geographical landscapes alongside some of Mexico’s most luxurious hotels and robust recreational offerings. The 20-mile Corridor was built via a large investment by Mexico’s National Tourism Support Fund in the spirit of further elevating the outstanding natural and cultural beauty of this intersectional area.

Top things to do in the Los Cabos Corridor

Whether you are visiting the Corridor to witness the coming together of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez and walk along the golden beaches or you are looking to shop, golf or take a tour, the options are nearly endless and highly accessible in this tourist-first destination.

Which Popular Tourist Attractions do you want to visit?

The Golf Courses

Golf Coursees in Cabo

The Corridor is home to a number of top-rated golf courses, including the Cabo San Lucas Country Club, which has amazing views of the famous Land’s End alongside picturesque fairways and a course that ebbs and flows to keep you entertained without isolating less-experienced golfers.

If you are looking for a PGA-level course, check out Cabo Real Golf Club where two PGA Senior Slams have been held. Alternatively, visit one of the golf courses custom built by Jack Nicklaus. The Palmilla Golf Club stands at 600-feet of elevation, so you can only imagine the views you get to swing into. The Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol is another Nicklaus course – often considered to be his greatest, greenest work.

Playa Palmilla

Playa Palmilla

A hopping beach where you will meet lots of tourists and locals alike. This protected cove makes for extremely safe, warm and enjoyable swimming – and there are lots of nearby bars and restaurants where you can grab a post-swim snack or sangria.

Playa Monumentos

Paradise for our surfing enthusiasts! While extremely beautiful and home to The Cape: a surfer chic Thompson Hotel, if you are planning on riding the waves, you need to be an experienced surfer. Otherwise, just enjoy the social scene, busy beach and take in the awesomeness of the pro surfers who will create more than enough shock and awe to keep you amused.

Playa Santa Maria & Playa Chileno

Santa Maria is the less busy, less touristy neighbor of Chileno, but both beaches are stunning and offer a wide variety of marine life, which makes them wonderful spots to snorkel. Also home to a number of great places to eat and drink, you can certainly spend an entire day at these beaches and get your fill of sun, shops, sand and snacks!

If you want to try something more active than just leisurely taking in the sights along the beach, consider partaking in one of these popular activities.


Snorkeling in the Los Cabos Corridor

Get up close and personal with the incredible marine life who call the Los Cabos Corridor home. The snorkeling within Santa Maria and Chileno Bay is world renowned, and you will have the unique opportunity to explore it during a four-hour long excursion on our luxurious double-deck catamaran.

Relax on the boat, enjoy a carefully curated lunch and unlimited open bays. Explore the two different bays, bask in the warm water and come to understand the true beauty of the marine life as you find yourself surrounded by countless colorful fish.

Head out on a jet ski for a high-flying Cabo Corridor adventure

What’s more fun than hitting the waves at high speeds and having the freedom to check out numerous attractions along the Los Cabos’ shoreline. This guided jet ski tour helps ensure you remain safe, don’t miss any of the incredible sights, and spend the day making unforgettable memories, which may include seeing dolphins, humpback whales and some of the most beautiful homes you’ve ever seen.

Trade in your regular commute for an afternoon of luxury sailing

Trade in your regular commute for an afternoon of luxury sailing

This VIP tour combines the most incredible sites of the Corridor with a high-end French-made catamaran and world-class service. Choose whether you just want to unwind on the boat with the open bar and unlimited appetizers or if you would prefer to snorkel and explore the areas where your boat drops anchor. Either way, this luxury sailing trip will make for a perfect day.

Shop, swim, sail, taste, explore and take in the incomparable beauty of the Los Cabos Corridor

Visit the world-class attractions of El Corredor and allow our Cabo Adventures’ tour guides to help you curate the perfect visit to the sights, shops and restaurants you are most interested in. Whether on land or sea, you will quickly see why Los Cabos, and its fabulous Corridor, are two of the most sought after tourist areas in the world.

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