Interesting facts about dolphins

We’re sharing interesting facts about dolphins – one of our favorite mammals who live in the Pacific Coast.

Interesting facts about dolphins

Here at Cabo Adventures, we love our region’s wildlife and are proud to share the opportunity to swim with our family of bottlenose dolphins with all our guests. Each year tourists from around the world come to meet these majestic creatures. Here are some amazing facts to show you why dolphins are one of our favourite mammals.

Dolphins are the world’s second most intelligent mammal

Dolphins’ brains are extremely similar to ours and work in really neat ways. They can recognize themselves in the mirror and they give each other names, calling one another via unique whistles. To learn more about their intelligence, check out our other blog posts that highlights just how smart dolphins really are.

Dolphins have double the stomachs for double the fish!

Did you know, dolphins have TWO stomachs? One of them is used for storage and the other is where they digest their food. This seems to help them cart around a whole lot of food because these sea mammals eat approximately 33 pounds of fish per day!

Dolphin eating fish

Dolphins do not have a sense of smell

Our slippery comrades do not have a sense of smell, but they make up for it with supersonic hearing and incredible vision. Dolphins can see extremely long distances in the water and out of it. They also have a very sensitive sense of touch and can hear at frequencies 10 times the upper limit of humans. Dolphins use their amazing hearing, referred to as echolocation to find things that are far away and to protect themselves from predators.

Baby & mama dolphin stay together for a remarkably long time

If we hadn’t already proven how adorable dolphins are, we think this next fact will really tug at your heartstrings. Unlike many animals who don’t stick around to nurture their familial bonds, dolphin moms nurse their babies for up to two years. Beyond that, the pair remain alongside one another within their pods for anywhere from three to eight years.

Dolphin mother with baby

Dolphins live for a long time

Comparatively, many animals have short lives next to humans. However, left to age naturally (with the intervention of their predators), dolphins can live up to 50 years of age.

Dolphins love to hang out with their friends & they take care of them too!

Dolphins are highly social creatures, which is why they are so fun to swim with and have made fast friends with humans for countless decades. Dolphins tend to swim in extremely large groups called “pods” and they are often seen caring for their young as well as the sick and injured.


Come visit the dolphins at Cabo Adventures Dolphin Center and form lifelong friendships with some of the most spectacular members of our sea family.

Learn about the diverse dolphin experiences we offer for our valued guests when they visit us in Mexico. At Cabo Adventures we prioritize the safety of our clients and our animal friends above all else, and we always treat both parties with the utmost respect and care. Reach out to us today and book your dolphin visit now!

Dolphin with girl

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