Instagram-Worthy Spots in Los Cabos, Mexico

Snap pictures that will play a starring role on your feed

instagram post of Cabo Mexico, at Tierra Sagrada

Social media has taken the world by storm, and we don’t blame you for wanting to fill your feed with Instagram-worthy photos from your favorite spots in Mexico. Below, we’ve covered off some of our best-loved places to visit and take stunning Instagram pictures that inspire countless likes and unforgettable memories.

Beautiful Cabo Beaches

We can imagine if you are coming to Los Cabos, you have a distinct appreciation for our gorgeous sandy beaches, the stunning shoreline and the sunsets that leave thousands of tourists speechless each year. Many of the beachside resorts in Cabo boast the perfect evening ambiance for some truly spectacular photos.

Surrounded by palm trees, elegant cabanas and beautiful people, you can capture seaside photos – full of filter-free color – any time of day. Regardless of which beach you are staying closest to or visiting, this will be your quintessential “wish you were here” Instagram shot.

Beautiful Cabo Beaches

Land’s End

Hop on a boat and venture out towards the Arch of Cabo San Lucas to take photos of this incredible natural wonder. Located at the infamous Land’s End, this Arch is definitely one of the most captured spots in Cabo. When you take in its immense size and completely unique “structure”, nestled amidst the brilliant blue waves, you will understand why tourists never fail to post this phenomenal place across their social media.

Land’s End

Baja Desert

In addition to a very large bottle of water, you certainly won’t want to forget your phone or camera while visiting the Baja Desert. Whether you are taking part in a group tour or you’ve grabbed an ATV or an eBike to create your own trail, you can capture some really interesting cacti, enormous sand dunes and other wild west-esque features. Either way, these photos will be the hottest ones on your feed.

Gallery District in San José del Cabo

When you are visiting San José del Cabo, you will get an appreciation for our city’s dedication to the arts, history and fashion. Stocked full with a wide variety of little shops, museums and photo booths, this historical area is an absolute treat. Before your dinner or after a couple of tequila cocktails, you can explore the decadent streets and take photos alongside the art, artists and gorgeous architectural buildings.

Gallery District in San José del Cabo

Cabo Pulmo

Last but certainly not least, we would be completely remiss if we did not suggest you take your waterproof camera or phone along for a snorkeling mission. You can visit our Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park or take any one of our snorkeling tours or scuba diving excursion (for certified divers) and you will be wowed by what you see. From the world’s largest whales through to some of the most diverse reefs and marine ecosystems in the world, you can show your social friends what the deep blue sea really means.

When you visit Los Cabos, make sure you don’t forget your phone or camera because your Instagram followers are in for a treat!

From the natural wonders through to the mouth-watering food pictures you cannot miss out on, Los Cabos Mexico is one of those places that deserves to be shown off to everyone you know. Whether you are showcasing your bikini bod, capturing an impressive sunset or trading in your towel for an ATV, be sure your phone is charged, and your captions are sharp. 

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