The History of Cabo San Lucas

Learn about the fascinating history of Cabo San Lucas and the events that made Cabo into the international jewel it is today.

The History of Cabo San Lucas

Early Cabo San Lucas

Long before people arrived on the shores of Cabo San Lucas, granite rock formed what is now known as Land’s End 30 million years ago. The rich human history of Cabo San Lucas began around 13,000 BCE. At that time, this gorgeous region was inhabited by the Pericú people. Unfortunately, the Pericúes people have been extinct for more than 250 years, but the European settlers who encountered them documented some of their characteristics.

These hunters and gatherers enjoyed the lush landscape of Cabo San Lucas for thousands of years. Then, in slightly more than 100 years later, the Spanish arrived aboard a ship captained by Hernán Cortés and, soon after, the first permanent settlement was erected in the Baja Peninsula. The Spanish were not the only people to arrive in Cabo San Lucas, as La Paz was a stop along one of the most robust trade routes in the world.

The Baja Peninsula was established in 1697 after decades of distressing acts via English and Dutch pirates. Conflict arose between the United States and Mexico in the 1840s, until finally, the Americans conceded the beautiful Baja Peninsula to Mexico, reestablishing the peacefulness and prosperity of this stunning seaside area. Over time, Cabo San Lucas became a renowned fishing location and, with that reputation, came its growing recognition as a much sought-after tourist destination.

The Cabo San Lucas of Today

Cabo San Lucas of Today

While Cabo has been transformed by international influence and the opulent preferences of its many distinguished visitors, one of the best things about Cabo San Lucas is that it has retained much of its gorgeous – and delicious – history and culture. Now, Cabo is home to countless resorts, golf courses and knowledgeable tour guides who are passionate about sharing all the fantastic parts of Cabo with our visitors.

The landscape, local cuisine and sights create the ideal setting for romantic escapes, family vacations and celebratory getaways. Here, you will find modern amenities mixed with the appeal of deep-seated Mexican culture. Awe-inspiring in terms of its natural beauty and cultural intrigue, Cabo is a place for passionate people curated by generations of passionate people.

The Cabo San Lucas Arch

The Cabo San Lucas of Today

One of Cabo’s most famous tourist destinations is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. This rock formation is more than three stories high, and it sits at the southernmost tip of Cabo where the Pacific Ocean mixes with the Gulf of California. Visit the Arch via a sunset or daytime catamaran cruise or a high-speed boat tour. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas is one of the most photogenic spots in the area, and it truly is an amazing testament to the long history of the region.

Explore the History of Cabo San Lucas

Whether you want to sip your way through Mexico’s world-famous mezcals or tequilas, taste our lovingly crafted traditional tacos or dive into an unforgettable exploration of our sea life, visiting Cabo will give you a life-changing appreciation of this unique region and its longtime inhabitants. Our tour guides will be delighted to tell you all about the various historical and cultural influences that have converged to create this international jewel.

We hope every activity you embark on will give you a deeper appreciation for our love of music, flavors, the environment and our deep-rooted community. Book your Cabo San Lucas tour today and prepare to fall in love with our stories and experiences.

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