The Surprising Health Benefits of Taking a Vacation to Los Cabos

Tropical vacations are fun and relaxing, but did you know that they are also good for you? Find out the surprising health benefits of taking a vacation in Cabo.

A person lounging on a beach in Cabo San Lucas

Picture yourself laying out on a warm beach, the crystal blue waves crashing nearby and the sun warming your skin. You dig your toes into the sand and reach into your bag to pull out a light novel to read, or maybe you just drift off into a lazy little nap.

Sounds relaxing, right? In fact, a sunny beach vacation in Cabo, Mexico is more than luxury, exploration, and relaxation. Experts agree that taking a vacation is actually good for your health, both mentally and physically.

In fact, the benefits of taking a vacation are many, especially if you are headed to Cabo—one of the best vacation spots around. Why are vacations important? The escape can actually make you happier and healthier overall. Take a look at these top health benefits that can be a direct result of taking a tropical beach vacation:Man and a woman driving a boat in cabo

1. Sunshine Improves Your Mood

Need a more positive outlook on life? A trip to someplace warm and sunny, especially when it’s cold at home, may be just what the doctor ordered. Researchers have found that escaping to pleasant weather puts people in a better mood. The biggest changes come when you vacation somewhere warm in the dead of winter—the shift resets the mind and makes you feel better. The average high temperature in Cabo during January is a balmy 77 degrees F. Imagine how much happier you’d feel if you left freezing temperatures to enjoy that warm paradise! Another study found that the brain produces more serotonin—the chemical that makes your brain feel happy—on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days. A sunny vacation is just what you need for a mood and happiness boost.

2. Better Memory and Cognition

Along with improving your mood, a vacation to a warm location can also improve your memory, creativity, and openness to new information. So basically, a vacation can make you better at thinking and may improve job performance. The effect increases with time spent outside—even more reason to spend as much time as you can touring Cabo and exploring and relaxing on its beautiful beaches.

3. Fight SAD

Do you feel more gloomy and depressed during the winter months? Depression that sets in during the fall or winter and coincides with darker, colder weather is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This illness affects 4 to 6 percent of Americans, though up to 20 percent feel blue during the colder months. Symptoms include lethargy, sadness, and hopelessness. Taking a tropical vacation in the middle of winter can help to ease the symptoms by breaking up your schedule, giving you something to look forward to, and allowing the body escape from gray, overcast skies and soak up the warm sunshine at one of the best tropical vacation spots you can find. If you or a loved one struggle with SAD every year, break up the cold and monotony of your winter with a trip to Los Cabos.

4. Sleep Better

The shorter days of winter not only make you feel blue, but can also mess with your sleep. Being exposed to less daylight makes your body produce less melatonin, a hormone which is needed for sleep. Melatonin drops in the morning as you are exposed to sunlight and builds throughout the day, setting you up for a good night’s rest. Short winter days shift the production of melatonin earlier or later, disrupting sleep patterns, causing mood swings, and even increasing the number of mutated cells, which can develop into cancer. A nice sunny vacation can help reset your system. For an extra boost to sleep better at nights while vacationing in Cabo, make sure to get a massage at one of these luxury Cabo massage places.

5. Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Getting out of the office and away from your everyday life can reduce stress levels, which are connected to high blood pressure and heart disease. Taking frequent vacations can lower your stress and help reduce your risk of heart disease and heart attacks. These benefits of taking a vacation are definitely worth considering—and what better place to heal your heart than a beautiful tropical vacation.

6. Increase Productivity

Getting away from the office can make you a better worker. The time you spend relaxing will help you prevent (or recover) from a burnout, in turn helping you work more productively and creatively when you get back home. A big financial firm studied its own employees and discovered that for every 10 hours spent on vacation, year-end performance ratings increased by 8 percent. Increasing your productivity may help you enjoy your work more. 

Why are vacations important? The answer is simple. They make you a happier, more creative person who does their job better. Are you ready to plan your trip now? Plan it at the best time to visit Cabo according to your preferences with these great suggested Cabo trip itineraries. Come see the beauty of Cabo and reap the many benefits of relaxing and exploring in the sunshine. Book your vacation tours with Cabo Adventures today!

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