10 Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles

Learn 10 interesting facts about the incredible sea turtles who live off the shores of Cabo, Mexico. Get up close and personal with these cool creatures with Cabo Adventures.

10 Interesting Facts About Sea Turtles

Turtles may not be the quickest animals in Cabo, but they are definitely one of the most interesting creatures that make up the diverse marine life along Mexico’s coveted shores. Our Cabo Adventures team loves teaching tourists interesting facts about the sea turtles we can introduce you to during your next Mexican getaway. Learn a little bit about these shelled attractions here and then come visit them for yourself by booking our Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition!

1. Mexico is referred to as “The Land of the Turtles” for good reason.

This is because seven of the eight species of sea turtles call our shores home. Every year, sea turtles return to Cabo San Lucas to lay eggs, so you can visit us to observe this incredible occurrence.

2. Sea turtles “walked” the earth with dinosaurs.

Turtles are the oldest species on earth, so more than 100 million years ago, they were sharing the planet with creatures from Jurassic Park.

Sea Turtle Swimming

3. Leatherback turtles can weigh up to 2,000 lbs.

One of the species of turtles that live in Cabo can grow to seven feet long!

Leatherback turtles can weigh up to 2,000 lbs

4. There are seven species of turtles and six of them live in and or around Mexico!

When visiting our Cabo Adventures team, you may get to see Loggerhead, Leatherback, Hawksbill, Green and Olive Ridley turtles.

5. Turtle shells are actually made of bone

50 bones to be exact! Turtle shells are made of many bones fused together, so they are really wearing their skeletons on the outside.

6. Turtles tend to like particular colors. 

If you can believe it, turtles are picky when it comes to color and they tend to prefer yellow, orange and red foods.

Turtles tend to like particular colors

7. While turtles may not be speedy, they sure make up for it with perseverance.

Consider turtles your marathon partner. These amazing beings can travel as much as 20 miles per day and their migration route can take them more than 3,000 miles each season.

8. Regardless of how far they go, sea turtles always return home.

Without fail, female turtles will also return to the beach where they hatched their eggs. This is great news for you because that spot tends to be on our Cabo shores!

9. The sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature of the sand.

Warmer sands result in female hatchlings and cooler incubation areas will produce male turtles.

The sex of a turtle is determined by the temperature of the sand

10.  Unlike other turtle species, sea turtles do not retract into their shells.

While many people associate turtles with their tendency to hide in their shells, sea turtles’ heads and fins stay put.

Explore the Marine Life of Cabo

The marine life along the shores of Cabo San Lucas is as diverse as it is interesting. Take part in our nature and wildlife tour to visit the Sea of Cortés and the 20,000-year-old living reef that makes Cabo Pulmo National a jewel within beautiful Baja California. We look forward to sharing the amazing wonder of our region with you, so book your tour today and see this beautiful natural aquarium for yourself!

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