How to Get Around in Cabo

A Complete Guide to Cabo Transportation from Public Buses to Private Shuttle Services

Traveling to a foreign country can present a number of challenges, even in popular vacation destinations like Los Cabos. One of the most common obstacles is finding transportation to and from the airport, hotel, and daily activities. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar place, especially if you don’t speak the language. Fortunately, many people in Cabo interact with tourists regularly and can speak English, but it’s still a good idea to be prepared. Learn more about transportation options in Los Cabos, including private transportation, so you can travel without limits around this stunning tropical paradise.

Transportation from the Airport to Your Hotel or Resort

Once you land at the Los Cabos International Airport, the first place you will need to go to is your hotel or resort. You can always grab a taxi, but you may overpay, especially if you have not yet exchanged your dollars for pesos. Here are a few reliable options to get you to where you need to go efficiently.

Book a Private Airport Transfer Service

The best suggestion for initial airport transportation is to book a credible transfer service. At Cabo Adventures we offer comfortable and reliable private shuttles that pick you up directly from your flight. We partner with many major hotels for guests staying in either Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo including:

  • Chileno Bay Resort
  • Dreams Resort Cabo 
  • Grand Fiesta Americana 
  • Grand Solmar
  • Secrets Puerto Los Cabos
  • Hilton Cabo
  • Westin Cabo

When you book your airport transfer you can start your vacation with style in one of our fully air-conditioned Mercedes Benz vehicles.

Board the Ruta del Desierto Bus

Another option to travel from the airport to your hotel is the Ruta del Desierto bus. This safe, comfortable and affordable transportation service option will take you first to San José and then to Cabo San Lucas. The fare is a flat rate of MX$80 to or from the airport. To take this shuttle between San José and Cabo San Lucas, bus fare is MX$37 and the bus stop can be found at Terminal 1 at the airport, just a short walk from Terminal 2 where international flights touch down.

The bus makes two main stops, one at the La Comer supermarket in San Jose del Cabo and the second is close to the Puerto Paraiso mall in Cabo San Lucas. Frequently stopping throughout its route this public airport shuttle can get you to and from almost any major hotel or resort in the region.

Travel from Your Hotel to Thrilling Excursions

While staying in Cabo, odds are pretty slim that you will only visit places within walking distance of your hotel, even though there are lots of great things nearby. The best way to enjoy Cabo to the fullest is to embark on exciting excursions like sailing and snorkeling, whale watching, and seeing the sites surrounding the city.

One way to make sure you have transportation to and from your day trips is to book through a tour company that offers shuttle services or other forms of transportation. Cabo Adventures is a great option because we offer a wide variety of amazing tours and also pick up adventurers and take them directly to the excursions.

When planning your itinerary with Cabo Adventures one significant advantage is that round-trip transportation services in an air-conditioned van are provided from most hotels in Cabo San Lucas and San José Del Cabo.  Additionally, food and drinks are included in most of the  excursions, often in the form of authentic Mexican cuisine, or buffet style.

Get Around on Your Own by Renting a Car

For those who wish to explore the area without being tied down to a schedule there is the option to rent your own vehicle for the duration of your stay. This may be a more suitable option for travelers who are staying in a vacation home rather than a resort or hotel because it gives you the freedom to access grocery stores and other necessary amenities.

Car rentals can be very appealing upon first glance due to the perceived lower costs but there are many fees that pile on including the car insurance policy you will need to purchase before you start to drive.

Important Tip: Gas stations are all full-service in Los Cabos with workers who will fill your tank for you. Be sure to tip and factor these costs in when budgeting for your vacation.

2 beach cruiser bikes on the beach

Get to the Beach from Your Resort

Fortunately, most of the best hotels and resorts in Los Cabos are situated right on the beach for easy access. To visit some of the most stunning islands and beaches in the area, check with your hotel for a free shuttle service to the beach, or for variety, rent a bike and take a beautiful ride down to the shore. Choose from one of our many beachside adventures with round-trip transportation to explore all the sandy destinations that Cabo has to offer. Whether you are looking to ride an electric bike over virgin beaches or jet ski across the ocean taking in the views of lovers beach, we can get you to and from the next excursion on your schedule.

Leaving Your Hotel for the Airport

When your trip is over and it’s time to head back to the airport, there are three easy ways to find transportation. The first and simplest method is to book a round-trip airport transfer shuttle before your trip even starts. This safe and convenient solution is available when you book one our luxury airport vans to get your to and from your accommodations.

The second option is to call a taxi or service. The third is to speak to the concierge at your hotel or resort and ask them what is available in the area. It is possible that the place you are staying has its own airport shuttle service or that your hotel has a nearby sister location that can take you. The concierge may also be aware of other nearby shuttle services within walking distance, or at the very least, may be able to help you contact a taxi.

Plan All Your Transportation for Your Cabo Vacation Today

Whatever transportation options you decide best suit your travel needs, be sure to include Cabo Adventures tours in your Los Cabos vacation. Our sightseeing and interactive tours offer unique experiences you won’t get from other tour companies. Book a tour to go sailing or scuba diving in the Sea of Cortez, swimming with dolphins or whale sharks, or navigate the Baja outback on an ATV. We’re happy to help answer any questions you have about popular excursions and transportation and look forward to helping you plan the trip of your dreams.

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