How to Prepare, and What to Wear on a Cabo Dolphin Swim

A dolphin swim is one of the purest and most unique activities one can participate in, but there is preparation that goes into ensuring you get the most from the experience.

If you’re getting ready to embark on a dolphin swim tour in Cabo, we have some tips on how to properly prepare, what you should wear, and what you can expect from your experience. 

You’ll go from asking, “What is a dolphin swim” to counting down the day for your next adventure. 

How We Care For Our Dolphins

Before participating in a dolphin swim, you may be asking how we care for our dolphins. 

Our Cabo Dolphins Marine Center is certified by the American Humane through a program designed by scientists, veterinarians, and wildlife experts to encourage and enforce higher standards of treatment in zoos, aquariums, and centers with interactive animal encounters. 

At Cabo Adventures, we limit the size and length of our tours to give our animals adequate time to relax. Our marine mammal experts teach visitors how to interact with our dolphins. 

Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from our dolphin swim tours go directly to the rescue programs at Cabo Dolphins Marine Center.

How To Prepare For The Dolphin Swim Experience In Cabo

The first of the dolphin swim activities Cabo Adventures has to offer is the Dolphin Swim Experience In Cabo Tour. This tour is perfect for anyone aged 4 and up, and its 30-minute duration makes it easy for even beginner swimmers to enjoy.

In this tour, you’ll get to get up close and personal with our bottlenose dolphins in a crystal-clear saltwater pool.

It’s recommended that you bring a swimsuit and some money if you plan on taking photos and picking up souvenirs. You can also book a private tour if you’d like, especially if you bring along a small group. 

All children must be accompanied by an adult, and there is no jewelry or sunscreen allowed for your and the dolphins’ safety. We provide life jackets, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own.  

Preparing For The Dolphin Signature Swim

dolphin swim

The Cabo Adventures Dolphin Signature Swim is a relaxed, 40-minute experience ideal for everyone aged 4 and up. 

This experience allows you to learn about our dolphins with the guidance of our Marine Mammal Specialists. A briefing is followed by your 40-minute session in our crystal-clear saltwater pool, where you can play, ride, kiss, and swim with these beautiful marine mammals.

In terms of what you need to bring, a swimsuit is a necessity; we provide and require jackets, so you’re covered there. 

Please refrain from wearing jewelry or sunscreen in our pools, and you can bring cameras into the observation areas only. If you would like to buy souvenirs, photos, a private tour, and round-trip transportation to the center, we recommend you bring some additional funds. 

How To Get Your Family Ready For The Dolphin Family Encounter

family swim with dolphins

The Dolphin Family Encounter is a short and sweet way to experience the wonders of a dolphin adventure with the entire family! While the first two tours have an age minimum of 4 years old, this tour is safe for children 1 year old and over. 

This experience will watch over your family as you bond with our bottlenose dolphins, with your young ones being able to touch and even shake our dolphins’ flippers for an unforgettable experience! 

Like other dolphin swim tours, a swimsuit is a must, and we provide you and your family with the required life jackets, a locker, and a wetsuit during the winter. 

We kindly ask that you leave all jewelry at your accommodations and refrain from wearing sunscreen to keep our pools clean.

Photos and souvenirs are available at an additional cost, as well as round-trip transportation from your Cabo hotel to the encounter (10 USD per traveler). 

Properly Preparing For The Dolphin Premium Swim

cabo dolphins

The Dolphin Premium Swim is a 60-minute adventure for those who wish to spend a little more time with our amazing dolphins. You get the benefits of interacting with these beautiful creatures and a few added perks. 

Luckily, preparing for this dolphin swim isn’t too different from the other tours. All children must be accompanied by a paying adult, and you should come prepared with a swimsuit. 

We provide you and your party with the necessary life jackets, snacks, beverages, and a wetsuit during the winter. This premium dolphin swim comes with round-trip transportation in an air-conditioned van from your Cabo hotel to the encounter. 

Please remember to bring additional funds for souvenirs, photos, and a private tour if you would like.

How To Be A Dolphin Trainer For A Day

dolphin training cabo

This experience is a time commitment, but one you’ll wish could go on forever! 

The Dolphin Trainer For A Day experience from Cabo Adventures gives you the chance to learn how to communicate, train, feed, touch, and swim with dolphins. Our experienced trainers will show you the ropes and share insights into what it’s like to work with these dolphins.

Please bring a swimsuit, and come ready to learn! The experience includes lunch, a trainer’s t-shirt and hat, a diploma, one printed photo of your experience, and a dolphin signal session. 

For an additional cost, you can add round-trip transportation from your accommodation in Cabo to our facilities, and souvenirs are available to purchase. 

We provide the necessary life jackets and wetsuits in the winter. There is no sunscreen or jewelry allowed in the pools for our dolphins’ safety. 

You’re Ready To Swim With The Dolphins!

Now that you have the rundown on how to prepare for a dolphin swim, book your dolphin tour with Cabo Adventures.

With a selection of tours to choose from, there’s a dolphin encounter for everyone, and this is one of the best ways to experience these beautiful creatures in Cabo, Mexico. Book your adventure today and contact us for any questions about our dolphin experiences. 

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