Cabo Weather: Which Season is Best For You To Visit?

All You Need To Know About Cabo Weather

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When is the best time to take a vacation to Cabo? Well, that depends. The Cabo water temp and weather varies throughout the year, but there is fun to be had in every season. It all depends on what your tastes are. Let’s take a look at the weather averages in Cabo and the Cabo water temperatures throughout the year, and the best activities for every season. This guide will help you decide when a trip to Cabo will fit best with your interests.

Cabo Seasons


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Cabo water temp from December to March is the “chilliest” of the year at a balmy average of 72 to 75 degrees. The mild temperatures and plentiful sunshine make the winter months for us here in the states a peak tourist season in Cabo. The average temperature in Cabo in December is a relaxing 68 degrees, and Cabo San Lucas weather in January is warm but not hot, with very little rain. Here is a sampling of activities at their best during winter:


  • Whale Shark Encounter: A whale shark encounter can get you close to these majestic animals for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • Exploring the outdoors: With average temperatures in the upper 60s, the winter months are perfect for exploring the land without overheating or needing to retreat into the water. Book an ATV tour or zipline tour, or take a beach-side camel tour.


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Springtime months are a great time for families to visit during spring break. The water temps are warm, averaging at 72 degrees, and average temperatures are still in the 60s and 70s. But be warned: flights and lodging will be pricier and sell out faster, and you’ll be surrounded by crowds, including college spring breakers. Here are a few activities to look forward to in the springtime:


  • Sailing: Soak up the amazing sunshine on a luxurious day sailing tour. You’ll get up close and personal with the sparkling blue water and spot wildlife while enjoying the sites with friends and family.

  • Swim with Dolphins: The warm water and sunny skies are the perfect backdrops for an unforgettable ocean adventure: swimming with dolphins. It’s also a great activity for families with children.



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During the summer months of June to August, the crowds start to thin out. And it’s no surprise: with temperatures sometimes blazing into the 90s and beyond, the heat can be too much for some people to handle. Water temperatures are in the high 70s to low 80s, still offering a respite from the sun and heat. If you love swimming and being near the water, summer is a great time to visit. Summer is also the time to find deals and avoid crowds. Try these activities while you’re in town:


  • Surfing: If you’re coming to surf, visit from June to August. The waves are at their best during the summer months on both the Sea of Cortez and Pacific sides. Plus, the warm water means no need to pack a wetsuit.

  • Snorkeling: Take a look at the vibrant beauty and wildlife beneath the water’s surface with a snorkeling tour. Snorkeling is also a great way to see the wildlife and get in the water to stay cool on a warm day.



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September to November can also be slower months and great options for a visit if your goal is to find great deals and beat the crowds. The weather and water temperatures are still warm at this time of year. The fall is a harder time of year for families to travel with school starting but can be a great couples or friends getaway. Plan time for these fall favorites:

  • Snorkeling & Wildlife Tour: The warm water is the clearest in October, making this a great time to spot the beautiful ocean wildlife of Cabo with a Sea of Cortez Snorkeling & Wildlife tour.

  • Beach: The weather may be cooling down in your hometown, but it is summer year-round at Cabo. Lay out on the beach on your fall-time vacation and come home with a tan that will make your friends jealous.


So what will it be—dolphins in the cooler months, surfing in the summer, or relaxing during the slow season? The choice is yours. There’s really no wrong season to visit Cabo. Cabo water temps and weather are a dream year-round, with adventures to suit every interest and taste. Ready to plan a Cabo vacation? Book your tours with Cabo Adventures!

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