Your Cabo Vacation Itinerary: From Camels To Cruises, What You Can Expect To Find On Your Trip

When planning your next trip to Cabo, you want to make sure you put together an itinerary that allows you to explore everything this popular Mexican destination has to offer and more!

From camel rides to incredible Cabo tours, there’s so much to see and so much to miss if you don’t set out with a plan.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best things to do in Cabo so you can fill your itinerary with memorable experiences and activities that no vacation would be complete without. 

Here’s what you can expect to find!

An Excellent Selection of Cabo Tours

Cabo is known for its natural beauty, and booking a few Cabo tours is a great way to sightsee while also getting to experience new and exciting activities.

Some activities you can expect to see during your trip include:

Camel Rides

camel rides

Cabo Adventures offers camel rides as part of the Outback and Camel Ride Safari.

This tour takes you on a ride through the Baja desert and beside the Pacific Ocean on camelback, during which you can also take photographs with your camel to cherish the experience even after it’s over.

You’ll finish your camel ride with a traditional Mexican buffet, mezcal, and tequila tasting. If you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to ride a camel in the gorgeous setting that is Cabo, Mexico, this is your chance to try it!

There’s even an option to go on a private camel ride if you want a more intimate adventure with friends and family.

Breathtaking Cruises

sunset cruise

If you like your adventures more on the relaxing side, you’re in the right place; The Day Sailing Adventure Tour is one of the most relaxing things to do in Cabo while still enjoying the natural beauty that is a spectacular Cabo sunset against the backdrop of the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas. You also have the opportunity to snorkel on this tour if you need some cooling off, or relax on a 50-foot sailing vessel.

This cruise takes place on a luxury French sailboat and features a premium open bar and gourmet hors d’oeuvres that tie the experience together. 

So have a glass of sparkling wine and relax on the sailboat’s soft deck cushions while you traverse the smooth Cabo waters! 

Exhilarating Outdoor Adventures

atv rides in cabo

Another great way to explore Cabo’s nature and participate in one of the most exciting things to do in Cabo is by booking a Combo Outdoor Zipline and UTV Adventure tour!

This experience begins at the Boca de la Sierra Natural Reserve, where you’ll soar over canyons via ziplines guided by friendly and professional guides. You’ll also rappel down canyon walls, cross the commando bridge, and swing over the canyon on the “Pendulum” before returning to base camp for a UTV off-roading tour.

zipline cabo

Homemade quesadillas are also included at the end of the tour—a little reward for your bravery!

Adrenaline junkie or not, this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Opportunities to Interact With the Wildlife

snorkel with wildlife

Another amazing opportunity you can expect from your trip to Cabo is the interactions you can have with the local wildlife. 

Whale Watching in Cabo lets you admire the humpback whales that inhabit the Pacific Ocean, as well as explore more of the Mexican coastline. Another tour lets you Swim With Whale Sharks in Cabo, and the Luxury Two-Bay Snorkel Tour introduces you to exotic marine life like porcupinefish, pufferfish, and boxfish.

The Cabo Pulmo Snorkeling Expedition gives you the chance to experience even more of Mexico’s marine life, including giant groupers, big-eyed jacks, eels, sea turtles, and rays while you marvel at one of three living coral reefs in North America.

You won’t get the same joy from your local aquarium or zoo.

But there are other things to do in Cabo apart from these wonderful tours.

Amazing Food and Unique Dining Experiences

best restaurants in cabo

Trying delicious local and exotic dishes is one of the best things to do in Cabo. Whether you want to discover the local cuisine or you’re drawn to luxurious fine-dining restaurants, Cabo has no shortage of incredible dishes for you to try. 

Mouthwatering doesn’t even begin to describe restaurants and food stops like: 

  • Los Tamarindos: Located in a 19th-century farmhouse, this fine-dining restaurant offers seasonal meat and fish caught daily by local fishermen. You’ll also find Mexican-label wines and tequilas.

  • Manta: This restaurant combines the flavors of Peru, Japan, and Mexico, and here, you can try the unique sweetcorn ice cream mochi. Featured drinks include Japanese sake, mezcals, and tequila.

  • Asi y Asado: A local Mexican restaurant that offers tacos, wraps, pies, baked potatoes, quesadillas, and other humble classics. 

  • Taqueria Rossy: A taco joint is known for its seafood tacos that feature smoked marlin, grilled shrimp, and buttered octopus. 

A delicious meal will more than likely have you feeling a bit tired, and what better way to relax than at a spa?

After Your Cabo Tours, Relax at the Spa

spa day cabo

Vacationing in Cabo will leave you wanting to explore as much as possible, but relaxing is just as important! 

Fortunately, Cabo is home to some of the world's best spas, leaving you with multiple to choose from! Some popular options include:  

  • Spa Montage: This spa is inspired by traditional Mexican folklore and features the historic Torote tree at the resort’s entrance. The spa’s treatments are inspired by the rhythms of the ocean, desert, and local traditions to create a rejuvenating experience.

  • Waldorf Historia: Step into the extraordinary as you pass through Mexico’s only private tunnel, a gateway to a realm where luxury and authenticity converge seamlessly. The Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal isn't just a resort; it's a sanctuary that promises an unrivaled experience tailored to your every desire. 

  • SE Spa at Grand Velas: At SE Spa, you can expect restorative ceremonies that use locally sourced ingredients like cocoa and coffee for a true Mexican healing experience.

  • Currents at The Cape Hotel: Guests at Currents have a range of treatments to choose from and can enjoy ocean-view cabanas alongside the calming sounds of the ocean. 

Make The Most Of Your Trip With Cabo Tours!

Between all of the dining, entertainment, relaxation, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, you’ll never get tired of exploring all the things to do in Cabo—it truly does have something for everyone! 

If you want to make your trip one to remember, check out the tours we offer at Cabo Adventures! 

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