Cabo Dolphins Marine Center: American Humane Certified

Learn more about how you can swim with dolphins at Cabo Dolphins Marine Center, which is American Humane certified for excellent, humane treatment of animals.

Increased efforts are being made to provide humane treatment of animals in interactive tourist encounters, like swimming with dolphins and other marine mammals. This highly sought-after experience often comes with the risk of supporting an institution that does not meet the needs of the animals in their facility. The best indicator that a company is providing excellent care for their animals is whether or not they have been given the stamp of approval from American Humane.

Humane Conservation Certification

American Humane has created a program designed by scientists, veterinarians, and wildlife experts to encourage and enforce higher standards in animal facilities like zoos, aquariums, and centers with interactive animal encounters. Facilities that meet these standards of excellence and show that they are contributing to conservation and rehabilitation efforts are eligible to receive the Humane Conservation certification.


cabo dolphin center humane certified

This certification not only raises the standards for animal facilities all over the world, but it provides a way for travelers to know whether they’ve chosen a trustworthy company for their encounter. Animal lovers can enjoy these incredible experiences in good conscience that these animals are being taken care of and these animal facilities efforts to educate the public can continue to grow.

Cabo Dolphins Marine Center

Cabo Dolphins Marine Center provides a safe space for travelers to learn more about marine mammals and ongoing conservation efforts. In Cabo, we have dolphin centers in two locations: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Our facilities offer educational and interactive experiences from genuine professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge in a fun way. The centers also focus on research and rehabilitation of marine mammals and others native to the area.

Cabo Dolphins Marine Center has received the Humane Conservation certification from American Humane. We proudly provide the highest level of care to our dolphins and other animals.

“Our marine mammal family deserves all our efforts to ensure their well-being,” said Leonardo Ibarra, Head of Veterinary at Cabo Dolphins. “By getting accredited by the American Humane Association in their Humane Conservation certification, we know we continue in the right direction.”

“It is an honor for us to receive this certification, as it reflects that the care and wellbeing of our dolphin family comply with international standards of animal welfare,” mentioned Ricardo Santos, Marine Mammal Specialist at Cabo Dolphins.“We are proud to be part of a company that seeks new ways to enrich the lives of animals under human care."


Humane Conservation Certified Dolphin Encounters in Cabo

If you dream of the chance to swim with dolphins, but have been holding back due to fear of supporting a company that doesn’t treat their animals with the best standards, now is the time to make your dream come true. Simply look for companies that are American Humane certified for confirmation of their high standards of care. 

With Cabo Adventures you can book a tour to swim with dolphins at Cabo Dolphins Center, where you know that humane treatment of animals is a top priority. Check out some of our most popular marine mammal encounters and tours below.

Dolphin Signature Swim 

Our Dolphin Signature Swim is informative and fun for all ages (4 and up). In the safety of our salt-water pool, and under the direction of our marine mammal experts, you will have a chance to learn all about Pacific Bottlenose dolphins. Try a dorsal ride, swim belly to belly, or glide underwater with these incredible creatures. If you’re lucky, your new friend might even give you a kiss. 

dolphin signature swim



Dolphin Experience

Experience unique interactions with our small groups: the best opportunity to create a bond with your new flippered friendy. Join our marine mammal experts in a safe, shallow pool to learn about dolphins and interact with them up close. Dolphin Experience is the perfect way for your family to experience a whole new world of water adventure.

Cabo dolphin swim for kids

Dolphin Trainer for a Day

When you sign up to be a dolphin trainer for a day, you get to work alongside our marine mammal experts as they teach you all about what it takes to train and care for dolphins. This is a truly extraordinary hands-on learning experience. You will learn how to communicate with our dolphins, how to touch them correctly, get to swim with them and teach them tricks. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the rescue programs at Cabo Dolphins Marine Center.

feeding dolphins at the cabo dolphin center

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For more information about the Humane Conservation certification granted to Cabo Dolphins by American Humane, please read here their press release.


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