Cabo Dolphins: What To Expect With Each Dolphin Experience

Did you know there is more than one way to go swimming with dolphins?

While you may have the idea in your head that all dolphin swim experiences are the same, this article will help you learn about the different ways you can interact with these amazing creatures and what you can expect from the different dolphin excursions at Cabo Adventures. 

Let’s dive into what you need to know! 

Dolphin Swim Experience in Cabo

Dolphin Swim Experience in Cabo

The first adventure on our list is the classic Dolphin Swim Experience in Cabo.

This experience is a great dolphin swim for the curious adventurer or for children to get their toes wet—pun intended—when it comes to interacting with dolphins.

You’ll meet these friendly mammals in one of our two facilities: either Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo. Both locations offer educational and interactive experiences from knowledgeable staff who are passionate about these dolphins. 

After learning about dolphin anatomy and their behaviors, you’ll get to play with the gentle Pacific Bottlenose dolphins for some bonding before you head to our facility pool and swim with them for an exhilarating 30 minutes.

Our marine mammal specialists will ensure your encounter is educational, exciting, and most importantly, safe for both you and our animals.

Dolphin Signature Swim

signature dolphin swim

If you’re already somewhat knowledgeable about our Pacific Bottlenose dolphins and want more time to interact with them, you can also check out the Dolphin Signature Swim Experience!

The Dolphin Signature Swim is a great way for wildlife enthusiasts to swim with dolphins for an extended time of 40 minutes while learning more about the beautiful creatures. 

In addition to interacting with the dolphins as you would in the standard Dolphin Swim Experience, you have the option to choose between a belly ride or an underwater ride with the dolphin. During the Signature Swim, our Marine Mammal Specialists will guide you in learning how to properly communicate with our dolphins.

Additionally, this experience lets you swim with dolphins in a private group setting. Make sure you book a private experience if you’re interested.

Dolphin Family Encounter

Dolphin Family Encounter

As the name suggests, the Dolphin Family Encounter is an amazing way for families to experience the majestic Pacific bottlenose in a shallow pool for an educational and fun-filled 20 minutes. 

Our Marine Mammal Specialists will guide your family as you touch, talk to, and play with our dolphins after a poolside introduction. While you interact with these creatures, our trainers will share their knowledge of the Pacific bottlenose and even teach you and your kids how to communicate with them.

If you want a quick way for your children to see these dolphins up close, the Dolphin Family Encounter is a must-book

Dolphin Premium Swim 

Dolphin Premium Swim

The Premium Dolphin Swim is one of the best dolphin swims for families that want more than just a quick dive with these wonderful marine mammals.

When you arrive at our American Human Certified Dolphine Marine Center, you’ll meet with one of our specialists who will brief you on need-to-know information before you embark on your 50-minute encounter. 

This experience allows you to not only go swimming with dolphins but also experience a thrilling underwater ride with them! Time flies when you’re having fun, but your adventure doesn’t end here. 

What makes the Dolphin Premium Swim experience stand is the post-swim snacks and drinks before you’re taken back to your hotel in one of our air-conditioned vans.

Dolphin Trainer For a Day 

Dolphin Trainer For a Day

If a 50-minute dolphin swim still doesn’t seem like enough time to spend with our amazing Pacific bottlenose dolphins, there is another choice.

The Dolphin Trainer For a Day experience is the best dolphin swim experience for adults who want to learn more about these mammals and gain a new, unique skill. 

Like the Premium Dolphin Swim, you’ll make your way to our American Humane Certified Dolphin Marine Center, but instead of a 10-minute briefing, you’ll experience a hands-on day filled with educational guidance on how to communicate, train, feed, touch, and swim with our dolphins just like a certified trainer. 

You will receive real trainer instructions and practice what you’ve learned as you swim with dolphins in our facilities. 

The tour includes a lunch, trainer’s t-shirt, diploma, and a printed photo of you and your dolphin courtesy of a professional photographer.

This experience gives you your money’s worth if you’re passionate about marine biology and want more from your experience than just a dolphin swim.

But What Do These Dolphin Swim Experiences Have in Common?

You’ve learned about what makes each of these experiences unique, but just as important is what makes swimming with dolphins at our facilities the same. 

Here is what you can expect from EVERY dolphin swim experience with Cabo Adventures:

  • Quality Health Standards: We make sure that our dolphins are loved and cared for across all facilities and experiences. We conduct daily health assessments and monitor things like dietary needs. All dolphins are limited to 2 hours each day of interacting with visitors to ensure they are well-rested and enjoy their downtime privately.

  • Clean Environments: We continually provide exceptionally clean and stimulating environments for our marine dolphins to live in and thrive in. We always ask visitors to wear sun-protective clothing and avoid sunscreen to keep our dolphins safe from chemicals.

  • Safety For You and Our Animals: All experiences are overseen by knowledgeable staff to keep both you and our dolphins safe.

It’s these standards across all experiences that allow us to continue providing you and your family with opportunities to interact with and learn more about these wonderful animals in the most humane and engaging way possible!

Book The Perfect Dolphin Swim Experience 

While all of our dolphin swim experiences are incredible, they all have their differences and can appeal to different groups.


Choose from one of our dolphin swim adventures and book your life-changing experience today!


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