Our Camel & Dolphin facilities are Humane Certified™

Cabo Adventures receives prestigious Humane Certification™ for ethical animal care, setting a new standard in Responsible Tourism

Cabo Adventures camel facilities are Humane Certified

In a remarkable stride towards responsible tourism, Cabo Adventures has achieved the Humane Certification™, bestowed by the esteemed American Humane non-profit organization.

This prestigious certification underscores Cabo Adventures' unwavering commitment to the welfare of animals under our care, particularly camels and dolphins. With a focus on the highest standards of care and ethical practices, this achievement marks a pivotal moment in the travel industry, heralding a new era of responsible wildlife tourism in Cabo.


A New Benchmark in Animal Welfare: The Humane Certification

The Humane Certification™, a distinguished recognition granted by American Humane, is a testament to the utmost dedication of organizations towards animal welfare and ethical practices. It signifies that Cabo Adventures has met stringent criteria that prioritize the wellbeing of animals while offering meaningful and educational experiences for visitors. This certification sets a new benchmark for the ethical treatment of animals in the tourism sector.

Dolphin trainer caring for a dolphin in Cabo Adventures Dolphin Center


Cabo Adventures' Commitment to Ethical Animal Care

The Humane Certification™ granted to Cabo Adventures covers the facilities where camels and dolphins are under human care. This acknowledgement speaks volumes about the company's dedication to ensuring the physical and psychological wellbeing of these animals. The facilities not only adhere to the highest standards of care but also provide enriching environments that emulate the animals' natural habitats.

Prime Camel Facilities

Cabo Adventures' certified camel facilities symbolize their understanding of these majestic creatures' needs. Our Tierra Sagrada ranch has the perfect arid desert landscape and environmental conditions to reflect camels' natural habitat. The certification ensures that the camels' health, diet, and living conditions are maintained at the highest standards, allowing them to thrive under human care.

Cabo Adventures' camel ranch in Cabo San Lucas


World-class Dolphin Center

The certification also extends to Cabo Adventures' dolphin facilities, showcasing the company's commitment to responsible marine mammal care. Dolphins are highly intelligent and social animals, and the certification reinforces Cabo Adventures' dedication to providing them with environments that foster mental stimulation, social interaction, and natural behaviors.

dolphin care givers at Cabo Dolphins


Why is the Humane Certification important?

  1. Validation of Ethical Practices: The Humane Certification™ validates Cabo Adventures' dedication to ethical animal care, enhancing its reputation as a leader in responsible tourism.

  2. Educational Opportunities: This certification also recognizes Cabo Adventures as a center that provide guests with immersive educational experiences that promote a deeper understanding of animal welfare and conservation.

  3. Inspiration for Change: Cabo Adventures' achievement inspires other tourism entities to adopt similar ethical practices, contributing to a positive industry-wide transformation.

Premium camel experiences in Cabo


Cabo Adventures' attainment of the Humane Certification™ from American Humane is a significant stride toward a more responsible and compassionate approach to wildlife tourism. Through our commitment to the well-being of camels and dolphins, we aim to set a shining example for the industry, showcasing the possibilities of harmonious coexistence between humans and animals.

This achievement is not just a milestone for Cabo Adventures; it's a transformative step towards a more empathetic and sustainable future for tourism, where animals thrive under human care while being respected as valuable members of our global ecosystem.

When choosing any of our camel experiences or dolphin swims, rest assured that you are choosing the most responsible and caring company in Cabo.

girl in a close encounter with a dolphin in Cabo

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