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Cabo San Lucas is a destination renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, turquoise waters, and exhilarating outdoor activities. Among the myriad of ways to explore this Mexican paradise, Cabo Adventures stands out as a beacon of excellence.

With over 27,000 five-star comments from delighted clients, learn why we earned the recognition Traveler's Choice Best of the Best released by TripAdvisor a few weeks ago. Let's delve into the raving testimonials that highlight the magic that we try to bring to every adventure.

Cabo Adventures crew member with one of our clients


The experience as seen through the eyes of our customers

Cabo Luxury Sailing: Enjoyment, Relaxation & Fun

If you're yearning for a slice of luxury on the open waters, look no further than Cabo Luxury Sailing. Logan Whatcott's review resonates with the sentiments of many who've set sail with us. From the fun-filled sailboat ride to the accommodating crew, every element speaks of excellence.

Couple relaxing on a sailing boat with Cabo Adventures

One can almost feel the windswept exhilaration as Logan recounts the day's adventure. Despite the fierce winds, the journey was nothing short of memorable.

The delectable food, especially the top-notch guacamole, and the endless flow of drinks add a touch of indulgence to the experience. The voyage to a serene cove for snorkeling and paddleboarding adds an adventurous twist, turning the sailing trip into an all-encompassing aquatic escapade.


Jet Ski & Boat Ride: Thrills and Turtles in the Sea of Cortez

Couple on a jetski in Cabo San Lucas with Cabo Adventures

For those seeking an adrenaline-pumping aquatic adventure, Sparklemaare139's review of the Jet Ski & Boat Ride tour encapsulates the excitement and warmth Cabo Adventures offers.

The crew's kindness and attentiveness shine through, ensuring that even those who prefer to stay aboard have a whale of a time. The abundance of marine life and the opportunity to capture stunning pictures become cherished memories.

Sea Lions near Cabo San Lucas Arch

And let's not forget the culinary aspect - lunch and beer that tantalize the taste buds, including the spectacle of handmade tortillas grilling before your eyes. It's the perfect recipe for an adventure that tickles all the senses.


Outdoor Ziplining and UTV Adventure: Soaring Heights and Off-Road Delights

The fusion of heart-thumping adventure and breathtaking vistas is beautifully articulated by Arpan C's review of the Outdoor Ziplining and UTV Adventure. The combination of zip-lining and off-roading is a surefire way to make memories that last a lifetime.

Young man in the pendulum jump of Cabo Adventures

From the sweltering July heat to the thrilling activities, every moment is cherished. The diligence of the staff stands out, ensuring safety and enjoyment. The thrill of the Pendulum Swing, the triumph of the Rock Climbing wall, and the exhilaration of "The Superman" zip line create an unforgettable symphony of excitement.

Young woman flying in Cabo's longest zipline by Cabo Adventures

ChezMo11's review amplifies the thrill of Outdoor Ziplining and UTV Adventure. The attention to safety, the seamless check-in process, the skills of the photographer/videographer, and the delightful lunch culminate in an extraordinary experience. The guides, infuse the adventure with their expertise, enhancing the journey into a crescendo of exhilaration.


4x4 ATV Adventure: Driving into Desert Dreams

Kylie I's glowing testimonial of the 4x4 ATV Adventure is a testament to the knowledgeable and friendly instructors. The focus on safety and preparation ensures that every moment is filled with excitement, not apprehension.


atv riders in Baja desert


In his own words "The experience was one of the best we had in Cabo! They make sure you’re prepared, safe, and ready before you actually start driving which is a nice difference than other places where I’ve driven ATVs."

The detour to a mountain peak for historical insights, plant revelations, and scenic vistas adds an enriching layer to the adventure.

Client enjoying an ATV tour by Cabo Adventures


Cabo Adventures: Leader in Tours & Excursions in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo Adventures has etched its name in Cabo San Lucas as the leading provider of unparalleled experiences. From the high seas to soaring heights and desert depths, their adventures embody the spirit of exploration and wonder.

As Logan, Karissa, Sparklemaare139, Arpan C, Kylie I, and ChezMo11 attest, Cabo Adventures is not just an activity provider but a memory creator. Embark on one of our journeys, and you'll be writing your own 5-star review soon.

Happy couple paddleboarding in Cabo with Cabo Adventures

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