La Paz Beaches, The Ultimate 2024 List

Does La Paz Have Good Beaches? This might be a question you’re asking yourself when planning a trip to Mexico.

Fortunately, Baja California Sur’s capital is home to the world’s most beautiful waters and some of the best activities to participate in.

In this article, we’re going to highlight the best beaches in La Paz, ensuring you don’t miss out on the best Mexico has to offer on your next adventure. 

Let’s dive in.

Must-Visit La Paz Beaches

Playa El Tesoro

El Tesoro Beach

El Tesoro Beach, a scenic beach situated en route to Playa Balandra and Playa Tecolote, stands out for its exquisite waters and charming crescent shape nestled in a shallow bay. With its gentle topography, it proves to be an ideal spot for families. As for marine life, you’ll find the sting ray a regular inhabitant in the waters of Playa Tesoro.

This beach is also renowned for its serene atmosphere. Playa El Tesoro offers a haven of pure relaxation to its visitors — despite its proximity to a highway, which may introduce some noise, the overall ambiance remains largely undisturbed.

Playa El Tecolote

Playa El Tecolote

Nestled adjacent to Balandra, Tecolote Beach offers a picturesque panorama with stunning views of Espiritu Santo Island. Stretching along its expansive coastline are seafood restaurants and palapas, providing visitors with a delightful beachfront experience. 

Additionally, El Tecolote boasts a range of water activities and tours to Espiritu Santo Island.

As the culminating point on the scenic road in La Paz, El Tecolote marks the tip of the bay. From its shores, a captivating view of Espiritu Santo Island unfolds to the north. The beachscape is adorned with numerous water sports rental spots, three seafood restaurants, and an endless shoreline inviting strolls. 

Popular among both young individuals and families, El Tecolote is a favored destination for a lively and enjoyable weekend getaway.

Playa Pichilingue

Playa Pichilingue 

Nestled along the sandy expanse of La Paz's northern tip, Playa Pichilingue beckons as a serene retreat for daytime relaxation and sun-soaked leisure. Beyond its tranquil ambiance, the beach offers a range of activities, including snorkeling and kayaking, enticing visitors to explore the captivating turquoise waters. 

A wooden ramp extends into the sea, providing a picturesque backdrop perfect for capturing the moment. Playa Pichilingue features several rentable palapas, providing shaded respites for beachgoers. 

Additionally, local shacks dotting the area offer delectable seafood and refreshing beer, completing the beach experience with a taste of the region's culinary delights.

What Are The Secret Beaches Near La Paz?

La Paz is home to an abundance of “hidden” beaches as well.

La Paz Balandra Beach

La Paz Balandra Beach

Playa Balandra boasts a magnificent and winding coastline adorned with secluded white-sand coves and emerges as one of La Paz's most sought-after beaches. While the main beach attracts visitors with palm-frond parasols and convenient amenities, those seeking a more private retreat can paddle around the bay to discover a beautifully secluded crescent of untouched white powder. 

The waters at Balandra Beach resemble a tranquil swimming pool — uncommonly calm and shallow. To add to the allure, stroll to the beach's end to marvel at the intriguing Hongo de Balandra, a distinctive mushroom-shaped rock formation.

Playa El Coyote

best la paz beaches

Traversing unpaved paths is a prerequisite for reaching this hidden gem of coastal serenity, enhancing its air of seclusion. In busier periods, you may stumble upon a sporadic shack offering refreshing beverages and grilled seafood. 

However, during certain seasons, it transforms into an expansive stretch of untouched shoreline. Isolated from the urban hustle, the crystalline waters abound with marine life, and opting to camp here promises a night beneath a star-studded sky.

Playa Muertitos

Playa Muertitos

Featuring a broad expanse of peach-colored sand, tranquil turquoise waters, and breathtaking scenery, Playa Muertitos justifies the additional travel time. Situated northeast of La Paz — and reachable by boat from the marina — this coastal gem calls for travelers to immerse themselves in its beauty. 

For those navigating the waters, caution is advised due to the abundance of coral reefs, presenting an enchanting opportunity for snorkeling amidst the vibrant array of fish that call this place home.

Where Can I Swim in La Paz, Mexico?

la paz beaches

You can swim at many of the beaches listed, but of the many beautiful La Paz beaches, Espiritu Santo Island offers an amazing swimming and snorkel experience as you take in the beauty of the Sea of Cortez.

The Sea of Cortez Snorkeling Adventure from Cabo Adventures takes you to Pichilingue Marina, where you’ll board a catamaran and head to the white, sandy beaches on the island. 

Isla Espiritu Santo

Isla Espiritu Santo

During The Sea of Cortez Adventure, you’ll even journey to Espiritu Santo island, where you’ll be able to snorkel with marine life like sea lions, tropical fish, sea stars, corals, turtles, and the occasional sea lion pups. 

Situated off the coast of La Paz in the Gulf of California, Isla Espiritu Santo is an integral component of the national marine park and holds the esteemed status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Characterized by its elongated and slender form, this island is teeming with a diverse array of wildlife, both above and beneath the ocean's surface. 

It stands as a favored destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the exceptional outdoor wonders that Mexico has to offer.

Experience The Best Beaches in La Paz

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