5 Best Places To View A Cabo Sunset

While planning your next trip to Cabo San Lucas, you’ve probably heard about the beautiful Cabo sunsets you can experience while visiting one of Mexico’s most sought-after destinations.

But how do you pick the best spot in which to enjoy them?

From the great outdoors to mouthwatering fine-dining restaurants, this article will help you narrow down your search for the best sunset view in Cabo with 5 of the best places to enjoy a gorgeous Cabo sunset! 

  1. At The Firepits at Tierra Sagrada

sunset on camelback

Cabo sunsets are best viewed without obstruction, and there’s hardly a better place to get a clear view than from the firepits at Tierra Sagrada Ranch. 

You can enjoy this experience through Cabo Aventures’ ATV Tour & Desert Adventure, which includes a campfire to enjoy the beautiful Cabo sunset and end your adventure under a sea of stars—just make sure you book your tour for the 4 PM departure!

Other adventures, like the Outback and Camel Ride Safari and Electric Bike Beach and Desert Adventure also come with the opportunity to bask in the sunset and take in the sights of the Pacific Ocean around a campfire. 

And as your evening comes to a close and you’re admiring the beautiful Cabo sunset, these tours treat you to a delicious traditional Mexican lunch and tequila tasting for a sunset view experience unlike any other.

  1. Through A Sunset Sailing Tour

sunset sailing in cabo

If you’re looking for the best sunset view in Cabo while traversing Mexico’s smooth waters, the Cabo Sunset Cruise is an excellent option.

You’ll step onto a luxury, fully-equipped, French-made sailboat and get a spectacular view of the Cabo sunset against the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas. While you revel in this magnificent view while relaxing on the soft deck cushions, you’ll be treated to a glass of mimosa, the perfect drink to accompany such an experience.

You’ll want to capture the moment in photographs while you enjoy the salty breeze past the famous Sea Lion Colony and along the Cabo coastline. It’s these sights that make Cabo sunsets so special. 

If you’re looking for a romantic sunset getaway, you can even book a private tour. This is perfect for couples and honeymooners that want to make their trip memorable, or maybe even start an anniversary tradition!

Because let’s face it, once you catch a glimpse of Cabo’s sunsets, you won’t be able to stay away!

  1. At Playa Misiones at The Cape Hotel

cape hotel sunset in cabo

The stunning Cabo sunset views found at Misiones Beach have inspired various developments, among those being The Cape Hotel

If you want the best sunset view in Cabo while relaxing in a luxury resort featuring retro decor and a surfer aesthetic, this is the place to call home while you’re in Cabo. Playa Misiones is also well known for its surfing, and is the only surf beach in Los Cabos with views of El Arco and the granite monuments at Land’s End.

Guests staying at The Cape Hotel also get access to rentals on the onsite surf shop, and the hotel even offers some surf-themed rooms for visiting wave riders. 

There’s no better backdrop for the amazing Cabo sunset than surfing and some of Mexico’s most renowned natural monuments, so make sure to check into The Cape Hotel for the best resort-side sunset view.

  1. Over Dinner at the Sunset Monalisa

cabo sunset

With sunset right in the name, Sunset Monalisa is hailed as the best restaurant in Cabo San Lucas. Every table in this fine-dining restaurant boasts an incredible view of the tranquil bay, the best way to view the Cabo sunset as you dine on Chef Héctor Morales’s Mediterranean masterpieces.

Among the beautiful Cabo sunset, you’ll enjoy from a selection of 3 menu concepts: Prefixed a la carte, 5-course “The Signature” menu, and The Monalisa Experience. The menus change weekly based on fresh ingredient availability on the market for the best dining experience. 

The Sunset Monalisa also offers an extensive selection of wines, the perfect drink to enjoy as you watch the sun paint the sky in hues of oranges and pinks. 

The Cabo sunset sets the mood for a romantic dinner with your special someone or celebration of a special occasion with a small group that will turn into the memory of a lifetime.

  1. At the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Hotel

sunset beach cabo

No view of the eye-catching Mexican Pacific Coast is complete without a luminous Cabo sunset, and the Pueblito Bonito Sunset Beach Hotel captures the sights perfectly. 

Situated in the exclusive residential development of Quivira Los Cabos and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this family-friendly, all-inclusive luxury resort is more than just an escape. You’ll find yourself secluded on a coastal bluff with convenient access to the amazing downtown corridor of Cabo San Lucas. 

Enjoy the array of restaurants, The Market at Quivira, Armonia Spa, and private beach privileges that will allow you to enjoy the best sunset view in Cabo.

Your stay at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Hotel also includes exclusive access to the Jack Nicklause Signature course at Quivira Golf Club, a masterpiece in golf course design that scales the height at Land’s End.

With so much to experience and the opportunity to catch the best sunset view in Cabo, you won’t regret your stay at the Pueblo Sunset Beach Hotel.

Enjoy The Cabo Sunsets Like Never Before

Sunsets are a wonderful experience, but the location in which you view them can greatly amplify their natural beauty. So, along with the marvelous experiences we’ve listed here, how else do you ensure you get the best sunset view in Cabo during your next trip?

That’s easy—book a tour with Cabo Adventures and discover new and exciting ways to enjoy the beautiful Cabo sunsets!

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