Are Whale Sharks Dangerous?

Is it safe to swim with whale sharks?

A whale shark swimming near the water's surface

Lots of people want to know if whale sharks are dangerous and considering they can reach up to 10 meters long, we don’t blame you. However, these lengthy sea creatures truly are the giants of the sea. Unlike their Stephen Spielberg counterpart, they are docile, passive and, most importantly, don’t even use their teeth to eat.

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Whale sharks definitely do not eat humans

Swimming with whale sharks in Cabo

Whale sharks are what the scientific world refers to as filter feeders. That means, they like to snack on krill and plankton, which are some of the smallest organisms that populate the sea. We’re not going to lie, their mouths are actually wide enough to swallow a human (whole), but considering they think we smell bad and they prefer to slurp, rather than bite, you are totally safe – as long as you don’t stick your hand in their gigantic vacuum.

Consider them the BIG friendly giants of the sea, emphasis on big

When we say big, we mean somewhere between a coach and school bus big. Whale sharks can reach up to 10 meters long, and they certainly aren’t what you would call slender either. While their size is extremely intimidating for us mere mortals, they will likely be far more afraid of you than you are of them.

When swimming with whale sharks, remember it’s best to stay near their heads, as their massive tails can give you a pretty powerful whip. Don’t worry, they aren’t very fast swimmers, so it won’t be a challenge to keep up.

Is it safe to swim with whale sharks in Cabo

Fun Fact: Unlike other sharks who use their large tail fins to swim, whale sharks use their whole huge bodies to propel themselves through the water.

The only thing you should worry about when you go swimming with Whale Sharks is choosing the best tour so that you guarantee an extraordinary experience.

If you want the unforgettable experience of swimming with one of nature’s largest creatures, you should make sure that the touring agency you choose to book your trip with knows what they’re doing and how to keep you safe.

Not only will the right company provide the proper protective gear and appropriate snorkeling equipment, but they will also help make your whale shark mission as enjoyable as possible. Cabo Adventures is full of highly knowledgeable and professional staff who know where to find whale sharks and how best to approach them to create a safe and respectful environment for all parties involved. Best of all, during your excursion, they will tell you all about these amazing creatures, so you can take your fun facts home with you as a getaway gift.

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