5 Activities For a Slow Travel Experience in Cabo

Life often feels like a race, but the slow living movement has been a great way to take it one day at a time and reconnect with what brings you joy.

To those involved in the movement, slow living means committing to personal well-being, dedicating time to self-care and mindfulness, and departing from conventional norms, opting for a more intentional and unrushed way of life.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t practice slow living when on vacation. When seeking a way to escape the rush, there's no better destination than Cabo. 

Here are five experiences to incorporate into your slow travel itinerary for a mindful exploration of the present and a deliberate step toward a more serene existence.

5. Be a Dolphin Trainer For a Day

dolphin training

Leave the stresses of your life behind as you become a Dolphin Trainer For A Day. This unique behind-the-scenes activity unravels at our American Humane Certified Dolphin Center. Led by knowledgeable marine mammal experts, delve into the intricate world of dolphin care, communication, and well-being. 

This experience perfectly reflects the slow living movement, providing an opportunity to disconnect from the fast-paced world and connect with the fascinating realm of dolphins in a meaningful and deliberate manner.

4. Snorkel in two of the Most Beautiful Bays in Cabo

snorkeling in puerto vallarta

Embark on a 4-hour voyage aboard a luxurious catamaran for an exclusive snorkeling experience in Cabo. Opt for a hotel pickup and step onto the French-made catamaran, sailing towards the iconic Land's End and the Arch. On board, you’ll indulge in an all-inclusive retreat with delectable treats and refreshing drinks as you bask in the scenic beauty.

Visit Chileno Bay for the first snorkeling stop, exploring vibrant marine life amid unique rock formations. The catamaran then sets sail to the second snorkeling haven, offering calm waters and crystal-clear visibility for an immersive encounter with tropical fish. The tour concludes with an optional drop-off to your hotel. 

This is not just a snorkeling adventure; it's an escape into the serene waters of Cabo, catering to all ages seeking a luxury, unhurried exploration.

3. Calming Combo Arch & Camel Tour

camel rides in cabo

Escape the ordinary with a Combo Arch & Camel Tour, a mix of Cabo's beauty and the gentle companionship of our camel crew.

Kick off your adventure with a picturesque cruise, uncovering Cabo's gems like the iconic Land's End Arch, the tucked-away Lover's Beach, and the lively sea lion hangout. Then, journey along the Pacific coast in comfy rides to our private ranch, Tierra Sagrada.

Take in the soothing atmosphere as you ride a camel along an untouched beach, gaining a fresh perspective on the scenery. Pause to connect with our friendly camels and capture those one-of-a-kind moments.

Finally, wrap up your day at Casa Típica, nestled above the Pacific, indulging in a feast of Mexican flavors and cool sips. 

This tour is your ticket to a tranquil getaway — elevate your slow living journey with this experience; you won’t regret it.

2. Experience Todos Santos 

Experience Todos Santos

Step into the magic of Todos Santos, a mix of art, culture, and tradition that beckons you to unwind and savor the vibrant spirit of Mexico. Departing from Los Cabos, our unique tour is crafted to provide a break from the fast-paced routine, embracing a leisurely exploration of this charming town.

Begin your adventure at a jewelry store, delving into the intriguing world of pearl farming and uncovering hidden treasures. Wander through cobblestone streets, absorbing the lively hues of buildings and the melodies of live music drifting from the main square. 

Here, you can admire the iconic church, explore eclectic boutiques, and capture moments at every turn.

A visit to the charming souvenir marketplace and a photo op at the legendary Hotel California precede free time in the main streets of Todos Santos. Dive into shopping or art galleries, immersing yourself in the local creative culture.

Journey to the Pescadero town factory, unveiling the meticulous process of hand-woven blankets. Concluding our tour at Tierra Sagrada Ranch, meet amiable camels and capture adorable moments with them. Take in the panoramic Pacific Ocean view while relishing a delightful meal. 

Our guide will share insights into tequila-making and Mexican spirits, offering tasteful samples to enhance your slow-living experience. 

This tour invites you to savor the journey at your own pace.

1. Take a Slow Travel Tour to San Jose del Cabo

arch de cabo

Unveil the serenity of Los Cabos on a slow-paced Los Cabos Arch & City Tour. The day begins with a thrilling boat ride to the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Capture the essence of this natural marvel up close, creating timeless memories through stunning photographs.

Continue your journey to The Glass Factory, where the mesmerizing art of blown glass comes to life. Immerse yourself in the ancient techniques wielded by local artisans, witnessing the birth of their beautiful creations.

glass blowing cabo

The tour gracefully transitions to San Jose del Cabo downtown, inviting you to a unique jewelry store. Delve into the intricacies of pearl farming and relish free time for shopping in this charming locale.

Stroll through the downtown area, exploring the main square and church at no rush, and embrace the freedom to capture photos and go souvenir shopping.

The day’s end brings an authentic Mexican lunch featuring handmade tortillas and a delightful tequila-tasting experience. 

Don't let this incredible tour slip away; join us to uncover the hidden gems of Los Cabos while savoring each moment at a tranquil, slow pace. 

Take It Slow In Cabo 

Cabo is the best way to enjoy a slow travel experience away from home’s busy environment. 

take it slow in cabo with snorkeling

Book these tours and more on your next trip to Cab, and take advantage of other slow-paced senior tours you and your loved ones will remember for years to come. 

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