Pacific Sunset Dinner

A private, exclusive location is host to a magical and memorable sunset dining experience.

Meet our Camels

After a short drive out of Cabo along the Pacific coast, arrive to "Rancho San Cristobal" where your evening begins.  Journey along sandy cactus lined trails until you arrive to a majestic truly virgin beach.   With the sand between your toes, enjoy a welcome cocktail and meet one of our huge but gentle camels that will kiss you (if you don't mind), creating a wonderful memory that we will capture for you (at no extra cost) as you enjoy the refreshing Ocean breeze.

Enjoy the view and live music

Take a short stroll to the top of sandy dunes while our local chef and team prepare a delicious evening dinner for you.  Marvel at the stunning sunset over the Pacific Ocean while enjoying an ice cold beverage.  Local musicians play traditional ballads and relaxing tunes in the background to create a relaxing ambience.

Unique culinary experience

Served to your table, freshly prepared dishes include organic salads, a classic "surf and turf" dish with a traditional Mexican touch and a delicious mouthwatering desert.  Your meal is accompanied by an international unlimited bar with brand name whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Tequila and Mexican red and white wines .

Cabo's hidden secret

Gaze at the stars, take in the fresh Ocean air and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this hidden location before you board your vehicle and head back to your hotel