Electric Bike Beach Adventure

Ride like never before: along trails through the mountains and over a beautiful, soft-sand beach beside the glistening Pacific Ocean. This new tour takes you for an adventure on an easy-to-use electric bicycle - perfect for a fun-filled day in the sun.

UnimogAll-Terrain Fat Tire Bike

These specialty bikes have wide wheels that handle well, no matter if you're in the sand or the mountains, and the electric motor does all the work for you!

UnimogExplore Baja

Explore the Baja desert and discover the most spectacular views of the mountains, the desert, the ocean and the regional flora and fauna - all in one tour!

Adrenaline Bay is just the cure for those who have an insatiable craving for adventure.

Making TortillasAn Ocean View & Tequila

Finish your adventure with an incredible ocean view learning to make tequila margaritas and molcajete salsa before spreading it over delicious handmade quesadillas for a typical meal from central Mexico.